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How To Choose The Best Breast Enhancement Pills?

Do you want larger breasts, but do not want breast augmentation by means of an operation? It is quite normal today to have a breast enlarging operation, but is this a sensible choice?

The operation is not only very expensive, but are the risks of surgery also known? Breast implants can be very dangerous! And many women do not want the breasts to look “fake” after the operation, often this is the case with breast enlargement operations.

You may wonder, is there a safer and cheaper way to enlarge my breasts in a natural way? Maybe you have wondered yourself that does breast enhancement pills work?

hormone medicines

What are breast enhancer pills?

We have done a lot of research and have discovered that some pills with natural ingredients do help and enlarge your breasts. We have also discovered that there is a lot of junk for sale and we strongly advise against it.

We have compiled a list with the best breast enhancement products available for sale and which we believe is the best. Our list is currently not that long, because we believe that there are few of all products that are for sale that really work best in most women.

How to find best pills to make breasts bigger?

If new products come onto the market that we believe is working well and produce the desired result, we will add them to our list. Our assessments are based on the following data: customer satisfaction, reputation the company that sells the pills, best-selling items, highest number of repeat customers and of course the most important result achieved by users of the products.

Our goal is to recommend only those products that have produced the best visible results for women. But even with the products with the most positive results, there is always someone who has not worked well.

So we learned that not every product works equally well for everyone. Our list contains those products whose results are best and which work best to increase the breasts naturally in the average woman.

Customer reviews on breast growing pills

Most of our results were obtained through online survey polls and direct feedback from customers who used the product. We appreciate the opinions of women who give us a fair opinion about the products that did and did not work.

If you have used one of these products yourself and you want to give us positive or negative feedback about a product from our list or other means to enlarge the breasts that are not in our list, we would like to hear a judgment from you! Please contact us and send an email to [email protected] about the results you have achieved. We appreciate your opinion very much.

Top breast enhancement pills reviews

1. Breast Actives is a completely natural breast enhancer that is specially made to increase the size of the breast and increase the firmness of the breast. Breast Actives contains many foods that are lacking in most women’s nutrition. This fantastic breast enhancement program consists of: Practice techniques, natural supplements and a magnifying cream. Read our Breast Actives reviews for more information on this amazing breast augmentation pills and cream.

2. Bigger Breast is meant for all women who like firmer and big breasts but do not want to spend too much money on it and do not want to undergo any major surgery. Bigger Breast offers a product for these women so that they provide larger and firmer breasts in a natural, safe and easy way.

3. Total Curves is a dietary supplement based on natural herbs and minerals. The ingredients are 100% natural, daily treatment of your breasts with Total Curves is completely safe and responsible.



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Tips On How To Grow Bigger Breast Naturally In 45 Days

The last 2-3 days I wondered what I would write about … it looked like a writer’s block!! Until I remembered that one of my readers wanted tips and tricks about breast augmentation ; Then I suddenly got over it. The subject indeed involves many women!!

But do not worry, ladies, because I’m going to explain everything you can think of – or rather ask – about how you can increase your cup size in a natural way. I have done a lot of research on the subject and believe me, no other blog or site deals with the subject as I do … especially for you, my dear readers !!

5 practical tips for large natural breasts

I hope you know that changes in your body do not happen overnight as if by magic. You must have some patience to really get a sexy natural breasts. These tips only make your breasts seem “bigger”, in order to actually increase your cup size, you will have to read this page completely. Until that time you can use these tips, which I would prefer to call ‘optical illusions’ in this case, but the practical tips work anyway !!

Okay, let’s start with the practical tips on how you can immediately increase your cup size and regain self-confidence.

Maximizer bra – At the top of my list is of course the maximizer bra. Really, from the moment you wear it, you immediately have a fuller bosom! What else can I say about it?
Close-fitting neckline – Wear clothing with a close-fitting neckline that creates an optical illusion. Lace, wrinkled, smocked, pleated, twisted, ruffles and jewelry all distract attention from your bosom and make it look beautiful!
Let your neck look longer! – Clothing with a high neckline suits you better than a low neckline … it seems clear to me! A low-cut décolleté shows that what you are trying to hide!
Bright colors and patterns – Wear bright colors and prints on your upper body. Keep your underwear subdued. The opposite will make your breasts look smaller!
Make high demands on make-up – If you want to wear tight clothing with a low neckline, make sure you have a nice make up !! Use a dark shade of foundation to make your breasts look fuller.

Tested methods on natural ways to grow breast size at home –

In this section I will give you a detailed action plan that will help you to get a larger cup size in a natural way. This includes – nutrition, exercises and more methods! Read on and find out what I have in store for you –

How to naturally get bigger breast with food

Using Milk as natural way to increase breast size-

Whole milk, dairy products and butter can all help to get bigger breasts. Whole milk is not milk with a low fat content but is rich in fat … do not forget that breast tissue is made from fat … you get fat inside by eating and drinking fatty nutrients!

Side effects – If you exaggerate it, other parts of your body may become larger. You can arrive by it. If you are allergic to milk, consult your doctor. The allergy can be treated.

Positive – Milk is good for health, I can not say more about it!

How to grow your breast naturally with herbs

Use Fenugreek seeds for a large natural breasts –

I’m sure you’ve heard more about this … fenugreek has a favorable amount of phyto (plant) estrogen and diosgenin that stimulates the hormone prolectin, which is associated with breast enlargement.

Is it enough to eat the seeds alone …? Yes, absolutely, that is very effective. You can also make a paste and massage your breasts with it. Yet another way to use this herb is to grind the seeds in a base oil, preferably mustard oil, and massage your breasts with the oil. Fenugreek oil alone is also a good option.
Fenugreek sprouts are even better to stimulate breast growth because it contains a larger amount of diosgenin. You can use this very well to increase your cup size in a natural way. You can also use fenugreek supplements. Consult your doctor for the correct dosage.

Side effects – Side effects such as diarrhea and stomach pain can occur at a high dose.
Positive – All these side effects are minimal compared to the complications you can get through the use of artificial methods!
Note – Pregnant women are advised against using fenugreek supplements because it can lead to premature birth.

How to grow breast naturally with exercises

Performing yoga and chest exercises for sexy natural breasts –

Yoga is a simple way to get a larger cup size; from a to b or b to c or c to d, and so on! Yoga also helps to strengthen flaccid breasts. Although these exercises will not lead to enlargement of the mammary glands, it will certainly help to make your breasts firmer, more lifted and better looking – which makes your appearance attractive and fuller to some extent !!

How to grow breast naturally using supplements

Supplements and medicines for breast enlargement are a good way to get a larger cup size. These are usually made with natural ingredients. It is and remains a cheap and easy way. Using the right supplement is very important such as Breast Actives. It is perfect combination of pills and cream that works both internally and externally. Read our review on Breast Actives for more information.

Side effects – No side effects have been reported in general. You can be allergic to one of the ingredients, look at it carefully.
Positive – It is easy and cheap. It is most suitable for those who do not want to pick a leaf from the tree yet!

How to make breasts grow naturally with massage

We know that breast enlargement medicines are a good way for a larger cup size, but a cream is not only safe and effective, but also really nice. Believe me, if you have a man who helps you massage your breasts, there is nothing more pleasant !!! The cream and the lotions give you the opportunity to (massage) your breasts and fondle them.

What works and what does not work for breast augmentation

Most methods, in fact all the methods I’ve mentioned, actually all help to make your breasts at least one cup size bigger .. but the problem is that you have to be patient .. if you do not, then surgery is your best option! That is, if you ask me, not the most amazing option, given the long list of complications that can occur. I will dwell on that in my next article.



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Top 4 Ways To Increase Breast Size Without Surgery

If you want a breast enlargement without surgery, you are not the only one. Many other women are looking for the least invasive, non-operative methods to increase the size and shape of their breasts. Some women choose exercises that build the underlying pectorals (pectorals), while others choose creams and pills that provide a firmer and fuller breast line. Another practical approach is to combine targeted exercises with breast enlargement pills and creams that helps to enlarge your breasts.

Here are some ways enlargement without surgery:

Breast enhancement without surgery through pills

The most popular breast enhancement without surgery method today offers unique ways to boost the size and firmness of the breast. This includes vitamins, herbs and roots that have been shown to give a satisfactory boost to this part of the female body. Whether you’re looking for a way to bring the look of your breasts back into shape after a pregnancy, or to make your breasts look like you’re feeling sexier in a bikini or low cut top, you’ll enjoy the benefits to appreciate breast enlargement pills.

There are scammers on the market, so look for supplements that contain active ingredients that produce real results – examples of these effective active ingredients are Wild Yam, kelp, Vitamin E and Dong Quai. If you find a supplement with these natural ingredients, you will begin to see progress within six to eight weeks. One of my recommendations is Breast Actives and if you want to know more about this product you can read my review on Breast Actives.

Enlarging breasts without surgery through creams

The best breast enlargement creams will always contain active ingredients for larger strokes, while also adding satisfactory firmness. Typical for this type of breast enlargement creams is that they are massaged in the morning for a few minutes on the breasts. A good self-massage with the right breast cream will ensure that you get a softer skin, a fuller bosom, and more elasticity. Many creams are used in addition to pills to create an even better and faster result (without painful and expensive breast enlargement operations).

Also look here for dubious providers online – look for authorized providers whose products have many positive customer reactions. By choosing the right cream, you get the look you want within a few months. Be sure to use the cream as indicated, and try to be patient; often the effects are cumulative, so you have to wait a while (usually 4-6 weeks) before you see the results you are waiting for. Giving up too quickly can result in disappointment, while the success was just around the corner.

Enhance breast without surgery through diet

I have been experimenting for exactly three years now with all kinds of diets that would make my breasts grow. I get them all from the internet under the heading of tips to enlarge your breasts naturally. Up to now, no food has been found that had any use for that purpose. Then tried numerous products without any effect and now I have actually given up. Not that I regret anything, all vegetables including fenugreek, black seed, (that is not a vegetable). Gherkins, in short, everything that is claimed to have estrogenic effects is passed at the table.

Like the myriad remedies on a natural basis, nothing works with me. I have not felt bad at all, on the contrary in some things I felt even fitter than usual. But that’s not the point I want bigger breasts and that’s all I got with all super tips and fantastic phytho estrogen-containing diets complete with pills for bigger breasts. Under the heading ‘do everything at the same time it does not hurt it’. That is indeed true, but it does not work until now.

Grow breast without surgery through push-ups

Instead of using push-up bras, you can consider tackling the core of the problem by doing breast augmentation exercises. If you do daily push-ups you develop your pectoral muscles, and this new muscle mass will help you to make your breasts look bigger and firmer. While push-ups on the floor or reverse push-ups do not allow the breast tissue to grow, they support the underlying muscle structure, creating a full and sexy look. If you keep it up, you will notice that stuffed bras and other solutions are less needed – your body will change, and your hard work will pay off. Start with a few repetitions, and build up the number as you become stronger.

As you can see, there are different ways to achieve breast augmentation without surgery; By means of supplements, creams and exercises you can improve the appearance of your breasts without exposing yourself to painful and potentially dangerous operations. Read our review on Breast Actives, one of the most prominent breast enlargement pills and cream.



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Abdominal pain in pregnancy?

Abdominal pain during pregnancy occurs regularly. At a young pregnancy you often hear that the pain resembles menstrual pain. That is understandable in itself. The uterus consists of smooth muscle tissue and when erected or contracted that gives a specific pain that women often describe as menstrual pain. Can abdominal pain be the beginning of a miscarriage during a (not too young) pregnancy? Abdominal pain is common during pregnancy, even if the pregnancy is already advanced.

If you are just pregnant, slight stomach pain is a common symptom. The pain sometimes resembles the abdominal pain such as menstrual pain. Under the influence of pregnancy hormones, the uterus focuses on itself. You feel that. It gives a pulling feeling at the bottom of your stomach. This can be either at the bottom of your stomach or on the sides of your stomach. The uterine bands, to which the uterus is attached, are also involved.

Stomach ache. Am I pregnant?

If you know that there is a chance that you are pregnant, try to reach a conclusion based on your symptoms. This is not reliable in early pregnancy. The complaints are very similar to menstrual complaints, for example:
painful breasts.
stomach ache.

You only know for sure if you are pregnant after you have done a pregnancy test.

Is abdominal pain serious?

If you do not know if you are pregnant, the pain is confusing. Is it pain because you have to have your period or is it pain because you are pregnant? Only a pregnancy test can provide a definitive answer at that stage. A pregnancy can also be determined by an ultrasound. One sees a pregnancy ring in the womb, and (from about 7 weeks gestation) one can also see a heart in the ring. A pregnancy cyst can also be visible in the ovary. In that place the egg has been sitting and under the influence of hormones a lot of moisture has formed. On the basis of these images one can see if you are pregnant or have been pregnant. All changes in your body can cause ailments at a tender pregnancy. A little abdominal pain is often one of those ailments. In most cases, abdominal pain early in the pregnancy is a sign that the hormones are doing their job. You feel a little cramping and pulling. In most cases, this is normal. Sometimes a miscarriage starts with abdominal pain, followed by the loss of blood.

Menstrual pain pregnancy. Is this a miscarriage?

Abdominal pain (and also back pain) is widely reported during pregnancy. As long as there is no blood loss, one does not so quickly think of a (threatening) miscarriage. Usually the abdominal pain is not a dangerous type of abdominal pain. However, if the pain is severe, if you lose blood or if you have a fever or headache or other symptoms, it can mean that something is wrong. In case of complaints you should always call your doctor or midwife. You can also contact us if you lose blood.

Blood loss

Yet it is not true that if you lose blood from the vagina if you are newly pregnant, you will immediately have a miscarriage. Many women lose a bit of blood at the beginning of their pregnancy, and often there is some abdominal pain. Whether it becomes a miscarriage is uncertain, often it just goes well and continues the pregnancy. If it becomes hot and miscarriage then the bleeding continues. Always consult your doctor if you are pregnant and lose blood, and if you feel that something is not right, or if there is a severe stomach ache.


Miscarriages usually start with blood loss. Unfortunately, it can be a sign that it is not in order. It can be the beginning of a miscarriage or something else is not in order, for example an ectopic pregnancy. With an ectopic pregnancy , you often also have pain on one side of your stomach. There may also be pain in the shoulder. An ectopic pregnancy is a serious situation where you need help from a doctor. The pregnancy is usually removed with an ovipositor and all, surgically. If the fruit dies at a very early stage, it can also break down without surgery, but often more serious problems arise, such as the tearing of a fallopian tube. This is accompanied by severe abdominal pain.

If you have a (normal) miscarriage, you lose more blood in the long run than with a menstrual period. Also the pain can be really intense, depending on how far your pregnancy has progressed, you also have to deal with the grief because you have had a miscarriage. You can then be emotionally upset for a while.

Abdominal pain and being pregnant

If you are pregnant you can often have abdominal pain. There are several types of abdominal pain to think of, which do not always (sometimes, sometimes not) have to do with your pregnancy:

  • the erection of the uterus at the beginning of the pregnancy.
  • general pain in the band (during the whole pregnancy, especially if the
  • stomach becomes bigger),
  • growth of the uterus.
  • cystitis (may occur during pregnancy, but also if you are not pregnant).
  • hard bellies (these are also called exercise contractions).
  • contractions (typical pain before and during childbirth).
  • infections (can cause stomach pain, if you are pregnant, but also if you are not pregnant).
  • bowel or ovarian burden (in pregnant and non-pregnant women).
  • pain in one of the organs (in pregnant women and non-pregnant women).
  • peritoneum (in pregnant women and non-pregnant women).
  • gallstone / kidney stone (in pregnant and non-pregnant women).
  • stomach pain (in pregnant women and non-pregnant women).
  • pelvic instability (often occurs during pregnancy, but can also cause back and abdominal pain afterwards, pain also often radiates to the legs)
  • and so on

Abdominal pain in pregnancy is in most cases normal if there is no vaginal bleeding and if it is not increasing pain. But that is not always true. You may have slight abdominal pain, and yet something turns out to be wrong later, or you can have annoying stomach pain while it goes with it. So in case of abdominal pain you should always contact your midwife or GP, especially if you do not trust it. In any case, contact us if you suffer from:

  • abdominal pain and blood loss.
  • abdominal pain and fever.
  • abdominal pain and headache.
  • abdominal pain and pain somewhere else.
  • stomach pain and you think the birth may have started.
  • stomach pain and you do not trust it.
  • increasing abdominal pain.
  • if you have contractions .
  • and so on.

Relieve abdominal pain (and back pain)

Do not take risks and do not walk with complaints that you can not explain. However, normal abdominal pain in pregnancy can be relieved with, for example, a belly band. This supports the abdomen and back and can relieve the specific pain of pelvic instability.

8 Characteristics That Appeal To Boys

There is one thing that we all want: to be attractive. We curl our hair, use makeup and put on our best dress, everything to be like. Yet attractiveness is not just in appearance. The following eight characteristics are very attractive to boys …

1. You are surprising

Do not give everything away immediately and surprise him occasionally. If you say that you are going to do something, it is ‘doing what you have already promised’, while the surprise is all the greater if you do not say anything. That he does not always know what to expect makes you very attractive.

2. You dare to say no

It is attractive when a girl knows what she wants, even if she knows what she does not want. If you do not want something you have to dare to say this without effort, that shows self-confidence. A girl who always does what he proposes is not interesting at all …

3. You are curious

That we ask about his weekend or his holiday he just likes. It confirms that we find it interesting what he says and that is exactly what boys need: confirmation. That the conversation does not stop because you continue to ask questions is also a plus. Pay attention, do not just ask questions. It is not a job interview.

4. You remain calm

Even if you lose your patience and are very angry, stay calm. No one gets more fun from a bitchfight à la Geordie Shore. The fact that you remain calm in a difficult situation indicates that you have your affairs in order.

5. You have humor

We find it very attractive when boys have humor, the same applies the other way around. He thinks he can laugh at you more important than you think. You always bring a happy atmosphere with you and that ensures that people like to be in your neighborhood, including your crush.

6. You are optimistic

Honestly honest, you prefer to be with an optimist on an uninhabited island than with a pessimist. Because you look at everything from the positive side, you bring a positive atmosphere with you. Boys find this positive vibe very attractive.

7. You have musical talent

Boys swoon away just as fast when you see a musical girl as we see a singing Archie from Riverdale. Music has something magical that makes you very attractive. We already get that old guitar from the attic!

8. You have a dog

We can not remember you, even if it is not a character trait. If you have a dog, according to research, you are 7% more attractive than someone without a dog. Sorry cats women …

Create An Hourglass Figure like Beyoncé!

An hourglass figure is characterized by a narrow waist in combination with hips and shoulders that are about the same width. Research shows that men are most attracted to women with an hour-glass figure. Are you not naturally blessed with feminine curves such as Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez? Then read on for our handy tips & tricks!

Clothing tips

You can very easily cheat a bit and create the illusion of an hourglass figure. You do this by choosing the right garments. This way you can mimic an hourglass figure by emphasizing your waist. This can be done by means of, for example, a waist belt. You can also make your hips look fuller by means of high waisted jeans (pants with a high waist). You can also create an hourglass figure by means of corrective underwear. Shapewear can just work off that tummy, giving you a leaner waist.

Tips for a narrow waist

How your body looks, is determined for 80% by what you eat and for 20% by sport and exercise. It is therefore important to pay attention to what you eat. Obviously, you should eat healthily and drink plenty of water to slim down. Abdominal fat is mainly caused by stress. So try to reduce this by, for example, doing yoga or taking more time for yourself. The stress level rises if you get too little sleep, try to get 8 hours of sleep.

Hourglass figure through sports

Your figure is largely genetically determined, but through certain exercises, your body shapes can change a bit. For this you do not have to take out an expensive gym subscription, you can do these exercises at home!

Rounder buttocks

The hourglass figure is characterized by large, round buttocks. Good exercises for this include the well-known squats. Also the exercise lunges or “get out” is a good way to stimulate your buttocks. Even from your lazy office chair or during household chores, you can train your gluteals. You can do this by regularly tightening your buttock muscles. Even more often up and down stairs, helps to get rounder and stronger buttocks.

Narrow waist

Another characteristic of the hourglass figure is the narrow wasp waist. There are a few specific exercises that make the muscles in your stomach stronger. First of all, the well-known sit-ups. These ensure the best result when the arms are crossed over the chest. Another effective exercise is the plank, an exercise that is spicy because you use your own body weight. Finally, the best variant to reduce belly fat: hula hoop! Another option is the lazy method. It sounds almost too good to be true, but you can even lose a few inches of your waist without exercising. It has been scientifically proven that you can trim a few centimeters through corrective underwear from Scala!

A full bosom

Unfortunately, you can not get a bigger cup size by exercising a lot. However, through certain exercises they can become more muscular, making them appear larger. The most famous for this are the push-ups. By this we do not mean push-up bras, but the exercise in which you print yourself.

Tips at a glance:

  • Choose clothes that accentuate your waist
  • Trousers with a high waist create illusion of fuller hips] By creating corrective underwear an hourglass figure
  • Try to eat as healthy as possible and drink plenty of water
  • Avoid stress
  • Good buttocks are: squats, lunges, tightening of the buttocks and climbing stairs
  • Exercises for a narrow waist: sit-ups, planking and hula hooping
  • Exercises for bigger breasts: push-ups (prints)

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