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Breast Enlargement With Pueraria Mirifica – Best Pueraria Mirifica Cream & Pills Reviews

The Pueraria Mirifica root has been very popular with Thai women for years. Pueraria mirifica (also known as Kwao Krua) is a root found in the north and northeast of Thailand and Myanmar. Pueraria has a very high concentration of phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogen is the natural variant of the female estrogen. Pueraria mirifica has the property that it prolongs the milk channels and stimulates and enlarges the fatty tissues. This eventually results in larger breasts. In addition, Pueraria mirifica maintains the collagen, develops the new cell production which makes the skin of the breasts soft, smooth and firm again.

Pueraria Mirifica is also widely used as an anti-aging agent and is used in women with transitional problems. Pueraria Mirifica is used in many forms, such as creams, serums, tea, pills and gel. Although many forms of this Pueraria Mirifica are available, only a few qualitatively are able to give the desired result. The use of Pueraria Mirifica is safe and effective because it is a 100% natural product.

Does Pueraria Mirifica Really Work

Throughout the years there have been countless studies on the results of Pueraria Mirifica and time and time again it turned out that at least 70% of the researchers showed actual breast enlargement and breast enhancement. More and more it appears that products composed of Pueraria are ideal means to enlarge or strengthen breasts. It is more the concentration of Pueraria Mirifica that determines how quickly a desired result is achieved.

In short, Pueraria Mirifica does what is expected of her. Another big advantage is that products made from Pueraria Mirifica are relatively inexpensive compared to other breast augmentation applications, especially when compared with plastic surgery.

A recent study in England proved that it have a beneficial effect on the skin, hair and breasts. Women who were tested did not only have firmer breasts, but also the skin in general, as in the face, had more elasticity and improved blood circulation. In addition, it gave her more shine. After three weeks of use, many women noted that their breasts were fuller, firmer and more sensitive. Face wrinkles were also reduced and the skin under the eyes looked calmer and tighter.

Fenugreek Vs Pueraria Mirifica

In the United States, the Ministry of Health has said that the results of a study on the use of Pueraria Mirifica have clearly shown that it can actually enlarge the breasts and serve as a replacement for hormones for women during menopause. Fenugreek is also a prominent herb for breast enlargement but when compared with pueraria, it is proved that pueraria has many extra benefits that along with stimulating the breast growth, also helps in maintaining the blood circulation and nutrition in breast tissues.

In a specific study on a breast serum composed of the best Pueraria Mirifica roots in a target group of women with empty or drooping breasts has been shown that a breast serum is a firming and strengthening carrier that adds volume to these empty or drooping breasts. This result has been confirmed in Europe, America and Japan. In additional studies based on these results, in women who have had a birth and in women who have symptoms of menopause, the ingredients of a breast serum have been shown to increase the cellular structure of the breasts, which ultimately results in larger, more firm and full breasts.

Best Pueraria Mirifica Brand For Bigger Breasts

Many manufacturers include this amazing herb in their breast enlargement supplement but it is important that in which quantity and form are they using it. Most of them add it in an artificial form to fool the customers but also there are some brands who use them in natural extract form. Breast Actives in one of those brands that use this herb in a pure form in their ingredient list and it is the major ingredient in their formulation.

Can I buy Pueraria Mirifica brands at Walmart or Amazon?

Well as I told that there are numerous brands sold with pueraria name and they can also be found that stores like Walmart and Amazon. But if we talk about Breast Actives, you cannot find it at Amazon or Walmart. It is only available for sale on official website. Visit the official website for more information about the product and to buy safe.



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Increase Breast With Supplements

Natural Breast Enlargement Herbal Supplements To Increase Breast Size

If you dream of bigger, firmer breasts, but are not sure if natural breast augmentation is right for you, you need helpful facts to make the right choice for your body (and your overall health). First, it is good to know that natural breast augmentation is not a surgical procedure; you do not have to go under the knife for fuller breasts or a firmer, prompt shape.

Supplements for breast enlargement provides bigger breasts

Natural breast enlargement takes little time; normally the results of pills and tablets are not visible during the first few weeks. If you look up to a breast augmentation operation, and you want bigger, firmer breasts, with no scars, incisions, recovery time, and high costs, you need supplements and creams that give your hormones a safe and natural boost.

These creams and pills contain active ingredients (such as yams) that are designed to stimulate just the right hormones for breast growth, and that are 100% natural and safe to use. Usually, women who use the right breast augmentation formulations will see an improvement in breast size and size within six to eight weeks … although some will experience the positive results much earlier.

Creams as breast enhancing supplements

To get as much as possible from a natural breast enlargement diet, you can add medicinal creams and self-massage to your routine. Often natural breast enhancement supplements, such as Breast Actives, are used together with creams that also contain vital active ingredients; women use tablets and lotions to see better results in shorter time.

Without creams, breasts can lack the elasticity and softness they need to grow without stretch marks; therefore it is important to take good care of the breast skin with the right creams while taking supplements.

Another advantage of luxurious, yet affordable creams for the sensitive area of ??the breast is that they stimulate blood circulation; and because of this the supplements work better.

Instead of choosing creams that do not contain active ingredients, you can better search for creams sold with supplements; a good online store will offer lotions containing herbal extracts and vitamins that support breast growth and firmness.

Add exercise with bigger breast supplements

While no exercise will allow the breasts to grow, the right fitness schedule can make the pectoral area stronger and more muscular. When you train the “pecs”, your breasts will appear larger and firmer.

It is a good idea to combine imprints and chair dips with a supplement and a breast cream – take into account all the important parts to make sure your breasts look better without experiencing painful surgery.

Every form of aerobics or strength training will make your breasts look better. Watch out for the rapid weight loss or arrival as a result of exercising; a stable weight is much better for the appearance of your breasts.

Best supplements for breast growth

As you can see, there are several interesting ways to naturally enlarge your breasts without going under the knife. When you are looking for creams and pills online, it is advisable to go for entirely natural supplement that are absolutely safe for your body such as Breast Actives. These resources should not be so expensive and come only from reliable sellers. The best natural breast enhancement products will need to have enough positive online recommendations and customer experiences.


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7 Great Ways To Make Your Breast Bigger

Are you dissatisfied with the size of your breasts and may they be a bit bigger, but do not you see a cosmetic breast enlargement? Then there are different ways to grow the breasts in a natural way. We have put together 6 brilliant tips, which you may not even know was right! By taking advantage of it …

1. How to make breast bigger with push-ups

Sports is a good idea anyway when you want larger breasts. That sounds a bit contradictory, but it is indeed the case. There are no muscles in your breasts, but there are muscles running behind them. When you train them, your breasts will become a bit bigger and firmer. A good exercise for a natural breast augmentation is the push-up. This will train your chest muscles well.

2. How to make my breast bigger with Fenugreek seed

Fenugreek seed is used all over the world to make the breasts bigger. You can, for example, eat this in your yogurt or a salad. Fenugreek seed also has other advantages. It can also help against belly fat.

3. Does massaging your breasts make them bigger

A boobs massage can also help to make your breasts firmer, rounder and fuller. You really have to know what you are doing. Someone who specializes in this can help you with this. A breast massage of about thirty minutes a day can make a big difference in the size of your breasts. In addition, it is very pleasant, so an extra advantage in addition to your natural breast enlargement!

4. Make breast bigger with attitude adjustment

When you stand upright, your breasts also immediately look bigger and fuller. Many women have a wrong posture, where their breasts not only look smaller, but also improve their back. To get a better posture, you can do exercises such as Yoga and Pilates. With this you can easily improve your posture.

5. Provide enough vitamins for bigger breast

It is important to get enough vitamins when you want to grow your boobs naturally. Vitamin A and B are mainly known to be good for your breast growth. Make sure you get enough of this through your diet. Optionally, you could take additional supplements. Note, however, that supplements can only be used as supplements. A healthy and varied diet also remains important with supplements.

6. Get bigger breasts with proper nutrition

When you as a woman eat a lot of food with testosterone, this can cause smaller breasts. Avoid this kind of food. Food with a relatively high amount of testosterone is, for example, meat, white rice and sugar.

7. Use pills to make your breasts bigger

Pills and supplements are one of the best way to treat any condition. Breast enlargement pills are the most popular method to get bigger breasts. It is easy to use and provide results without any efforts.

Best supplements for bigger breasts

Choosing the best breast enlargement supplement is as difficult as it is easy to use these supplements. The market is flooded with such supplements for bigger breasts and therefore it is hard to choose the best one. Breast Actives is one of the most renowned breast enlargement system in the market. Now I am calling it a system because it is combo of three products. With each pack you get a breast enlargement pills along with cream and a guide book that includes diet and exercises for better results.

Of course you can also ensure that your breasts look more beautiful and bigger. We also has some very useful tips for that, which make your breasts look bigger and especially focus on (effectively) wearing the right bra!

Good luck, ladies!



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Breast Enlargement with seeds

How To Make Your Boobs Grow Naturally?

It is certain that a large proportion of young girls have smaller breasts. Nearly 70 percent of women with smaller breasts will eventually have surgery to get bigger breasts. However, most women do not want to undergo surgery and experience the pain of such a breast augmentation. Some women find it too expensive or do not have the opportunity to perform this expensive operation. Others therefore do not want to make artificial changes to their bodies. These women then look for other ways to make the bosom bigger.

Why are my boobs small?

There are numerous reasons for smaller or uneven breast size. It could be genetic or use of medication or anything else. Here are the most common reasons for smaller breast size.

  • Genetic reason
  • Hormonal deficiency
  • Excess consumption of alcohol
  • Use of unsafe beauty products
  • Use of drugs and medication
  • Any chronic health problem
  • Unhealthy lifestyle

What makes your boobs bigger?

To know the perfect way to enlarge your breast size, it is important to diagnose the exact reason for the situation. If the condition is genetic or due to chronic health problem, it would be best to use surgical procedure. But if the condition is due to other reasons like unhealthy diet, lifestyle, use of drugs and alcohol then you can use supplements along with maintaining healthy diet and exercise. In case of hormonal deficiency you must go with hormone supplements that can increase the production of female hormones.

How to grow boobs naturally with fenugreek

Often they have already heard about larger breasts with fenugreek. Can we really get bigger breasts with fenugreek? And how are those larger breasts with fenugreek caused? There are different herbs for a natural breast enlargement. Larger breasts with fenugreek is one of them.

Using fenugreek is one of the easiest ways to get bigger breasts. You do not have to undergo an expensive and painful operation. It is also easy to get in a supplement and is not expensive.

Treatment of natural saggy boobs with fenugreek

The hormone estrogen is naturally produced in the body of women during puberty. This hormone helps in the production and eventual growth of new tissue. This hormone plays an important role in determining the size of the atrium, the shape of the atrium, and the total size of the atrium.

Lower levels of the hormone estrogen will eventually result in a less developed bosom and smaller breasts. The breasts become more sensitive to estrogen and will respond more quickly to estrogen in the body. In combination with the estrogen-impinging effects of fenugreek, the atrium becomes larger.

In addition to estrogen, another hormone is important in the production of breast in women (and also in men in later life). The hormone prolactin is also very important in the formation of the bosom. The herb fenugreek will stimulate breast growth in two ways.

Fenugreek will imitate the effects of estrogen AND it will stimulate the production of prolactin. The herb will stimulate the growth of the breast tissue in a natural and safe way, resulting in larger breasts with fenugreek.

How to use Fenugreek to get bigger boobs?

There are different ways to get bigger breasts with fenugreek. So we can use a supplement. We use 3 fenugreek capsules per day and can possibly increase this until we get the desired results. Do not use a higher dose than indicated in the instructions. This is also not necessary to enjoy larger breasts with fenugreek. We can also drink a tea in which the plant is processed. By drinking 2 cups of tea every day with an extract from the plant, we can also book results.

However, the best way to get bigger breasts with fenugreek is by mixing a supplement with massage oil of your choice and massaging them on the breasts. This is because the inclusion of fenugreek is easier through the skin than through the mouth.

The substances should not pass through the liver first, so that part of the active substance will be stopped and possibly used for other processes in the body. There is also fenugreek oil but it contains less active substances than a supplement.

In addition to all natural booobs with fenugreek

In addition to helping larger breasts with fenugreek, there are other benefits for women. And these benefits will also have some effect on the formation of the bosom. For example, fenugreek stimulates the production of breast milk (source). This does not apply immediately to women who have not become pregnant.

But it will stimulate the mammary glands in the breasts and the tissue around the mammary glands, as well as the mammary glands themselves, will increase. This in turn ensures the larger breasts with fenugreek.

How to increase boobs size with Dong Quai

Another way to get bigger breasts in a natural way is to use dong quai. Dong Quai works in a similar way to fenugreek, but can also be used for many other problems that women may have during their lives. It is not specifically aimed at a specific age category. Both young women and older ladies can benefit enormously from using dong quai.

Use of Dong Quai to get bigger boobs

Dong Quai is used by women during menopause. Because it has an estrogen-like effect. And thus will help to compensate for the shortage of estrogen. This can especially help when symptoms such as hot flashes occur. Or when we are dealing with a fluctuating state of mind.

Also for women who suffer from PMS or premenstrual syndrome, dong quai can bring about a huge improvement in the situation. Among other things, it will ensure that menstruation is regular. And will help restore symptoms that are accompanied by an incorrect balance between the hormones.

Make boobs bigger naturally with Dong Quai

As we have already said, the effect can be compared with that of fenugreek. Dong Quai will also ensure that the breast tissue becomes more sensitive to estrogen. And will thereby expand the breast tissue. Making the bosom bigger.

When not to use?

Although this herb has a lot of benefits for women. However, this supplement should not be used when taking blood thinners or when dealing with heavy menstrual periods where a lot of blood is lost. This is due to the blood thinning effect of dong quai. In women who do not have these problems, no difference will be noticed. However, in women who already suffer from severe bleeding during menstruation, that effect can be strengthened. And women taking blood thinners can also be at risk of heavy bleeding.

How do I make my boobs bigger with Saw Palmetto

A third example is Saw Palmetto. Saw palmetto supplement will not work in the same way as these two above. However, it will also provide larger breasts. But then because of the blocking effect on DHT. Small breasts have to deal with 2 factors in almost all cases. Either the breasts are not very sensitive to stimuli of the estrogen. Either estrogen is thwarted for some reason.

Other uses of saw palmetto

Saw palmetto is also often used by men to help combat baldness. It will certainly not help to let the hair grow back. But can surely ensure a huge delay in hair loss . In some men, even no further hair loss was detected after the use of saw palmetto supplement.



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cleaning breast with soap

5 Vital Herbs In Natural Breast Enlargement Cream That Are Prominent

In addition to a beautiful face, one of the physical attraction points of women is their breasts. It is often suggested by men, the larger the breasts, the better. Women who find their breasts too small can then use herbs for breast augmentation. As a cheaper alternative to implants, of course.

There are enormous possibilities to surgically enlarge the breasts. There are also countless creams that promise to make the bosom bigger. And there are also herbs for breast enlargement.

Natural resources for a larger breast will mainly make the breasts more sensitive to the female hormone estrogen. They will not always immediately provide an increase in the general estrogen in the body. But will make the cells in the breasts more sensitive to the estrogen. In this way, herbs for breast enlargement can effectively provide a larger breast.

Why use breast growth cream using herbs?

Very often women with smaller breasts are satisfied with the size of their bosoms. They find it easier to find appropriate clothing. Often do not need a bra and do not have to endure that much sexually explicit comment. Yet women often do not feel feminine enough when the bosom is not big enough. And therefore herbs for breast enlargement can offer a solution.

Larger breasts will immediately make the woman feel more feminine. They experience that they receive more attention and feel more attractive. They grow up with the belief that larger breasts are more acceptable to give birth to and to breastfeed.

Pressure can also be applied from the environment. Among friends, it is often possible to talk about the size of the bosom. It can be spotted with or even in certain cases a complex can arise through the smaller bosom or the bosom that is not big enough for the image you have of yourself.

In addition, women with a larger bosom are often used in the media, on television and in advertising media. So it may seem that you are the only woman on earth who have a smaller bosom.

Big breasts attract men

Men prefer larger breasts. And that is mainly because larger breasts suggest better fertility and also bring healthier children. Men with a mother complex or with other problems from childhood also prefer women with larger breasts. It is in men, the body part that attracts them most in women.

Certain cultures and races compare larger breasts with a socio-economic status. When a woman has a big bosom, she has easy access to nutrition. Not only for herself but also for the children she brings into the world and for the man who makes her pregnant.

Women with large breasts have more sex appeal than women with smaller breasts. And women with larger breasts can give men more sexual pleasure. This is of course not true and women with small breasts can give a man as much satisfaction as women with large breasts. Often even more than that, but this is the primal opinion of men in general.

Herbs used in big breast cream

Dong Quai Root cream to make breast bigger

Dong Quai root are herbs for breast enlargement because they increase the production of progesterone and the breast cells naturally make healthier. Dong quai can also be seen as an ideal tool for women who suffer from PMS. Because the plant can mimic estrogenic effects, it will help to suppress PMS symptoms. These herbs for breast enlargement are also sometimes called female ginseng. Because dong quai has so many advantages for women. Dong Quai root is taken in supplement.

Breast enlargement cream with cnicus

Cnicus or Benedictus Distel, also called blessed thistle, are another in the list of herbs for breast enlargement. They are going to improve the blood supply in the body and in this way start stimulating the mammary glands in the breasts. In this way, the bosom becomes larger in a natural way. An extract can be drunk with water.

Dandelion creams to make your breast bigger

Dandelion contains phytoestrogens and will thus regulate the hormones and stimulate the healthy growth of tissue in the breasts. The dandelion can also be used in supplement.Pay attention to the excessive amount of dandelion because of the very strong diuretic action and the laxative effect of the plant!

Fenugreek and estrogen cream for breast growth

Fenugreek is a very powerful phyto estrogen. It will not only stimulate the production of estrogen, but especially prolactin. Prolactin is the hormone that causes female breast formation in men. And so with an increased value, the breasts will increase in women. Of all herbs for breast enlargement, fenugreek is perhaps the best known and most widely used. However, a supplement with fenugreek may not be used during pregnancy .

Breast size increase cream using saw palmetto

Saw Palmetto will ensure that too much, is checked to testosterone. Too much testosterone can prevent the bosom from expanding. In this way the bosom will become larger. Saw palmetto is used in capsules .

Boob cream along with pills

We can also use pills for breast enlargement in addition to the creams. There are different types. Each with a different function. We have compared all the prominent creams and supplement in our blog which you can check.

Best breast enlargement cream reviews

There are numerous and so called best breast creams available in the market but among them Breast Actives is the most prominent choice. This cream will make the breasts bigger because the active substance stimulates the fatty tissue in the breasts. This does not work in the same way as most herbs. It will not cause us to store more fat in general. This is only so in the breasts. It is assumed that by applying this, we can increase the breasts to about 8%.

You can also count on softer skin and firmer breasts. These creams for breast enlargement should be applied twice a day. In the morning and in the evening. It is applied to the breasts and must be lightly massaged. We must use this 8 weeks for the best result. The two active substances in this volumizing cream is volufuline and kigeline. You can visit Breast Actives official website for breast enhancement cream before and after pictures to understand what results you can get with this product.


There are different herbs for breast enlargement that we can use. Almost all of them are completely harmless because they consist of natural elements of plants and flowers. However, especially with dandelion, attention should be paid to the fact that high use can result in diarrhea and dehydration. Because dandelion is a very strong diuretic and a laxative. For that reason you better choose a light amount of dandelion.


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How To Choose The Best Breast Enhancement Pills?

Do you want larger breasts, but do not want breast augmentation by means of an operation? It is quite normal today to have a breast enlarging operation, but is this a sensible choice?

The operation is not only very expensive, but are the risks of surgery also known? Breast implants can be very dangerous! And many women do not want the breasts to look “fake” after the operation, often this is the case with breast enlargement operations.

You may wonder, is there a safer and cheaper way to enlarge my breasts in a natural way? Maybe you have wondered yourself that does breast enhancement pills work?

hormone medicines

What are breast enhancer pills?

We have done a lot of research and have discovered that some pills with natural ingredients do help and enlarge your breasts. We have also discovered that there is a lot of junk for sale and we strongly advise against it.

We have compiled a list with the best breast enhancement products available for sale and which we believe is the best. Our list is currently not that long, because we believe that there are few of all products that are for sale that really work best in most women.

How to find best pills to make breasts bigger?

If new products come onto the market that we believe is working well and produce the desired result, we will add them to our list. Our assessments are based on the following data: customer satisfaction, reputation the company that sells the pills, best-selling items, highest number of repeat customers and of course the most important result achieved by users of the products.

Our goal is to recommend only those products that have produced the best visible results for women. But even with the products with the most positive results, there is always someone who has not worked well.

So we learned that not every product works equally well for everyone. Our list contains those products whose results are best and which work best to increase the breasts naturally in the average woman.

Customer reviews on breast growing pills

Most of our results were obtained through online survey polls and direct feedback from customers who used the product. We appreciate the opinions of women who give us a fair opinion about the products that did and did not work.

If you have used one of these products yourself and you want to give us positive or negative feedback about a product from our list or other means to enlarge the breasts that are not in our list, we would like to hear a judgment from you! Please contact us and send an email to [email protected] about the results you have achieved. We appreciate your opinion very much.

Top breast enhancement pills reviews

1. Breast Actives is a completely natural breast enhancer that is specially made to increase the size of the breast and increase the firmness of the breast. Breast Actives contains many foods that are lacking in most women’s nutrition. This fantastic breast enhancement program consists of: Practice techniques, natural supplements and a magnifying cream. Read our Breast Actives reviews for more information on this amazing breast augmentation pills and cream.

2. Bigger Breast is meant for all women who like firmer and big breasts but do not want to spend too much money on it and do not want to undergo any major surgery. Bigger Breast offers a product for these women so that they provide larger and firmer breasts in a natural, safe and easy way.

3. Total Curves is a dietary supplement based on natural herbs and minerals. The ingredients are 100% natural, daily treatment of your breasts with Total Curves is completely safe and responsible.



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