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8 Characteristics That Appeal To Boys

There is one thing that we all want: to be attractive. We curl our hair, use makeup and put on our best dress, everything to be like. Yet attractiveness is not just in appearance. The following eight characteristics are very attractive to boys …

1. You are surprising

Do not give everything away immediately and surprise him occasionally. If you say that you are going to do something, it is ‘doing what you have already promised’, while the surprise is all the greater if you do not say anything. That he does not always know what to expect makes you very attractive.

2. You dare to say no

It is attractive when a girl knows what she wants, even if she knows what she does not want. If you do not want something you have to dare to say this without effort, that shows self-confidence. A girl who always does what he proposes is not interesting at all …

3. You are curious

That we ask about his weekend or his holiday he just likes. It confirms that we find it interesting what he says and that is exactly what boys need: confirmation. That the conversation does not stop because you continue to ask questions is also a plus. Pay attention, do not just ask questions. It is not a job interview.

4. You remain calm

Even if you lose your patience and are very angry, stay calm. No one gets more fun from a bitchfight Γ  la Geordie Shore. The fact that you remain calm in a difficult situation indicates that you have your affairs in order.

5. You have humor

We find it very attractive when boys have humor, the same applies the other way around. He thinks he can laugh at you more important than you think. You always bring a happy atmosphere with you and that ensures that people like to be in your neighborhood, including your crush.

6. You are optimistic

Honestly honest, you prefer to be with an optimist on an uninhabited island than with a pessimist. Because you look at everything from the positive side, you bring a positive atmosphere with you. Boys find this positive vibe very attractive.

7. You have musical talent

Boys swoon away just as fast when you see a musical girl as we see a singing Archie from Riverdale. Music has something magical that makes you very attractive. We already get that old guitar from the attic!

8. You have a dog

We can not remember you, even if it is not a character trait. If you have a dog, according to research, you are 7% more attractive than someone without a dog. Sorry cats women …Checkout the Apex booty pop supplement to enhance your female appeal.


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