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Vigorelle Review 2022 – Is It Really The Best Female Libido Gel Available?

Modern women are experiencing increasing pressure on their sex life, and most of them are going through a strained relationship due to the fact that they are unable to keep pace with their sexual partners. Many factors, including the daily stress of life, have contributed to the sexual problems of today, women. This Vigorelle review is all about exploring this female libido gel that is claimed to address women’s sexual inactiveness of recent or longer duration.

While other such products made available in the market are not completely safe and have many side-effects, Vigorelle has been created with the main aim of keeping the adverse health hazards out for overall better health of the women when providing them the accurate solutions for sexual problems.

Vigorelle Review – What It Is?

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Vigorelle is a highly effective lubricant cream with a wonderful smell and feels on the skin to restore and enhance the desire for sex. Just as you start applying the cream, it starts functioning on the skin and fills you with the renewed desire for a sexual relationship with your partner.

It is very easy to apply the cream. All you need to do is to rub a small amount of Vigorelle herbal cream beneath the clitoris on the mucus membrane and leave it for some time for its absorption. Several specially included herbs in the cream stimulate the skin for sexual function.

The herbs also refill your body and the skin area with the much-needed nutrients for the sexual act and healthy body. The cream also functions as a lubricant that mimics women’s natural lubrication for satisfying sexual acts.


What Does It Do?

  • Refreshing mint smell and no flowery synthetic fragrance
  • Smoother feel on your skin
  • Increased lubrication that is so vital for sex
  • More retention of moisture for a prolonged and satisfying sexual act
  • The sexual sensation on the skin that is so crucial for women
  • Herbs full of nutrients to maintain great sexual health and desire

How Does Vigorelle Works?

Vaginal dryness and inability to reach orgasm are two of the main hurdles that women continue to face and are discouraged from making sexual relationships. Vigorelle creates a cool tingling sensation in the vagina and fills it with necessary moisture by lubricating it for a longer duration. Thus, the cream is especially helpful to women who have reached the menopause stage.

For those lacking in orgasm, Vigorelle provides for peak orgasm by restoring sexual health through herbal nutrients and stimulation of the skin for sexual sensation.

Your passion for life depends on how you are sexually functioning with your partner. Vigorelle maintains your sexual health while you keep pace with the hectic schedule and stress of daily life.

Vigorelle Ingredients

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Vigorelle is a natural body cream for women who have lost their sexual drive due to stress and other reasons. Only time-tested herbs are included as ingredients. These herbs do not have any adverse side-effects for women.

Each of these herbs has been chosen for its specific property to address a particular cause of the lack of sexual desire and stimulation in women. Here are some of the herbs that are crucial in making Vigorelle so effective for women.

L – Arginine HCI

L – Arginine HCI is a vital ingredient as it performs the basic function of allowing an increased supply of blood to the site where the cream is applied.

As the cream is applied to the organ, it forms a nitric oxide that dilates the blood vessels, and more nutrients and oxygen-rich blood rush to the tissues for increased stimulation.

Gingko Biloba

Gingko Biloba is a natural anti-biotic and is rich in bioflavonoid. It is considered one of the best herbs for increasing the blood circulation and oxygenation of the body.

It also serves as an effective antioxidant to combat free radicals to keep good cellular health. Its main function is to retain the moisture on the upper layer of the skin and keeps vaginal dryness away for maximum sexual pleasure for women.

Damiana Leaf

This is another highly useful herb for the treatment of vaginal dryness. But Damiana is also known for an effective solution for chronic loss of sexual power in women. The herb stimulates the nervous system and gives strength to the digestive, respiratory, urinary, and reproductive systems for rejuvenating a woman.

Suma Root

Suma root is loaded with minerals and vitamins that have nutritional value. It has 19 amino acids and 152 identified compounds. With such nutritional value, the herb provides adequate nourishment to the body as you apply the cream to the skin. Suma functions as a metabolic regulator, antioxidant, and neuroendocrine restorative and reduces toxicity from the body.

Peppermint Leaf

Peppermint is known for its ability to bring on natural lubrication and is one of the most useful herbs in keeping the vaginal dryness away during the sexual act.

This herb also acts as a delivery agent for carrying vital nutrients to the cell membranes. Peppermint is an effective herb also in smoothening of the nervous system and improves the mood that is vital in good sexual performance.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera is well known for its powerful antioxidant and makes sure that blood circulation is proper throughout the body. The herb has all the vital nutrients for maintaining good tissue health to fill them with renewed energy.


Pros & Cons

Pros –Β 

  • Vigorelle is particularly useful for women who want to keep away from chemicals as they are sensitive.
  • The body cream has no flavors, fragrances, colors, and petrochemical by-products.
  • The cream helps in rejuvenating tissues that are vital for sexual drive.
  • Only organic herbal ingredients have been used for making the cream.
  • For long-lasting sexual pleasure, the cream moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin.
  • It has a silky and non-greasy natural touch.
  • The cream is condom compatible

Cons –Β 

  • The price is a negative factor for Vigorelle as it is quite expensive compared to other libido enhancer gels in the market
  • For better and permanent results, you need to use it on regular basis
  • You will require patience to experience positive results as it take some time to deliver

How To Apply Vigrolle Gel?

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You should apply only a small amount of the cream beneath the clitoris. Rub the cream thoroughly for easier and quick absorption of the herb ingredients into the skin. As you rub Vigorelle beneath the clitoris, you will notice that it matches the natural lubrication that a woman has during the sexual act.

Common FAQ on Vigorelle Review

How much time does Vigorelle take to deliver the results?

After applying the Vigorelle, the women can start feeling the sensation immediately for better sexual activity. Most of the women have a new and refreshing mood due to the great smell of the cream and also due to the herbs playing their vital role in stimulating the women.

But other women may take sometime before they are finally into great sexual performance. Once I had a great sex drive and was easily stimulated. Later due to some reason, I gradually lost the vigor.

Can I regain my sexual health through Vigorelle?

Women have to go through many hormonal changes, and their attitude towards life also contributes towards a gradual decline in sexual desire. Vigorelle has herbs that fill women with renewed energy and provide adequate nutrients for sexual satisfaction.

Is Vigorelle safe to use and has its side-effects?

Vigorelle is completely safe to apply on the skin, and you can have the cream without a prescription. There are absolutely no side-effects as it is not a pill or powder to be ingested. The cream is used herbs only and no other harmful chemicals and Propylene Glycol or Mentha Paraban substances.

I am almost addicted to sex and want it regularly. Is Vigorelle meant for women like me?

You can fully rely on Vigorelle for continued sexual pleasure with your partner. Due to the nourishment provided by the herbs in the cream, your sexual performance will only get a boost each time.

Where To Buy Vigorelle Gel?

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Vigorelle is readily available over the counter and also can be found on online stores like Amazon. You can buy Vigorelle at huge saving on Amazon, but not all suppliers over there are trustworthy and verified.

Therefore, it is chance that you might get scammed with replica product. It is highly recommended to buy Vigorelle from the official website only as it ensures that you are getting the legit product.

1-Month Supply – $59.95

2-Month Supply – $109.95 (You Save $10)

3-Month Supply – $154.95 (You Save $25)

6-Month Supply – $289.95 (You Save $70)

12-Month Supply – $489.95 (You Save $229)

My Verdict on Vigorelle Reviews

I have gone through numerous Vigorelle reviews to analyze the efficiency of this gel. Vigorelle is a lubricant cream having many time-tested herbs for enhancing the sexual drive in women. When applied to the genital area, more on the skin beneath the clitoral hood, the cream immediately dilates the blood vessels enough, and a fair amount of blood rushes to the skin.

With more blood flow, the skin becomes more sensitive to the touch, and the sexual act becomes more pleasurable and long-lasting. Of course, besides the rubbing of the cream, a woman should also involve in more foreplay to achieve maximum advantage of Vigorelle.

Gloria Richard

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