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Breast Actives Review 2022 – Does It “Really Work” As Promised?

Welcome to my Breast Actives Review, aimed at answering one simple Question – Is it possible to Enlarge and Firm Sagging Breasts Naturally without costly surgery??

Have you ever wished that you could really enlarge your breasts easily at home without having to plan and undergo costly and painful implants?

Only to be faced with the Question Do natural Breast enhancement supplements, creams & workout Routines Really work??

Hi, I am Gloria, and here I share my personal experience with one of the most popular breasts enlargement product/system in the market, my First-Hand review and Usage Experience of Breast Actives.

For most women, Our breasts are The most important part of our body ( For apparent reasons πŸ˜‰ ) and are hence directly related to our self-belief & self-confidence. Small or low curving breasts can make some of us feel ashamed, embarrassed, less complete or even non-attractive.

This is not good, but, I am not one to lecture on the self-esteem part of our psyche. Instead, I confide here that I have been there and done that.

So, here is my personal experience and reviews of the product that did help me. Obviously the results will vary for all of us, you may or may not get prominent results, there are no guarantees in life. All I want to do is to share an actual user experience so that you know that there are people out there who were equally skeptical but willing to give it a try. This breast active review is to help you to answer the million-dollarΒ  question – “options for breast enhancement without surgery.”

A Note about Breast Surgery:

Having negative self-esteem, mainly due to small breasts, and the supposedly instant results and gratification that breast augmentation cosmetic surgery provides is the primary reason that many women search for a plastic surgeon for breast enhancement.

Well for few of them it could be just as easy as buying candy, but for me and most of us, it is just not affordable or even advisable because the price for women breast augmentation is too high as well as the associated side effects, pain and other issues with any surgery be it even cosmetic are always at the back of our minds.

Breast Active


My Breast Actives Review – Personal Experience

Going under a scalpel for cosmetic or surgical breast augmentation is a popular option for women breast enlargement these days. You Would be amazed to know that the surgery done by Dr. Vincenz Czerny in 1895 was the first successful breast augmentation.

Even though it’s considered an assured and helpful option for enlarging breasts it was never my idea of beauty and nor will I ever advise anyone to go that route unless necessary. So for me, it was a “No-No” from start and investing a little bit of my time and money to find a viable alternative was always a better idea.

Now, after discarding the option of breast augmentation implants, I was left with only three helpful actives breast enhancement options for reviews that are diet, exercise, and actives breast enhancement supplements for attaining my curvier women’s body. So before investing in any solution, I decided to try natural tips to make breasts big such as diet and workout, but unfortunately, I failed because I could not invest and muster that much of commitment,Β  time, and sustained effort. I needed a little nudge and help from some wonderful foods and herbs.

Therefore I went on to try my last option, natural pills for breast enlargement. After scrolling a lot on the internet, scanning all the products, and check down the reviews, I selected one of them, Breast Actives.

Luckily, It went on to become the first and last choice for me because it gave me the bigger & fuller breasts that I desired for a long time. Therefore here I am sharing my experience with my personal usage reviews.

What are Breast Actives Pills & Cream?

breast actives pills & cream

Breast Actives is a 3 step formula that is completely formulated with 100% natural ingredients help in providing you curvy, firm, fuller, and noticeable breasts. This three-step natural breast enhancement system comprises actives breast enhancement products like pills, cream to apply, and an exercise program that delivers comprehensive results. Being a complete breast enlargement formula, it is currently ruling the market.

What Are The Ingredients In The Breast Actives System?

It is important to check out the ingredient list if you need a perfect pill. All the ingredients used in the formulation of the Breast Active system are 100% natural and effective.

Ingredients in Pills are
Vitamin E This vitamin is proven to be beneficial for the mammary gland and prevent breast cancer.

Dandelion Root This herb improves the overall breasts and stimulates the generation of new cells.

Fennel Seed Though fennel seed is not effective in to grow bust size cup it helps in making the breast firm and toned up.

Dong Quai Root – It helps in stimulating the production of estrogen and improves the breast tissues.

L-Tyrosine This is a precursor of primary thyroid hormone, Thyroxine. It helps in regulating the metabolic rate.

Blessed Thistle Root It is the base ingredient of any breast enlargement product due to its powerful property of production of estrogen.

Kelp Kelp is also known as seaweed that has been proven to be beneficial for skin, hair, and nails.

Fenugreek Seed Extract Fenugreek seed helps to grow a larger breast size cup naturally by regulating the hormonal level in females.

Watercress Leaf This herb is commonly used in many countries as the natural remedy for larger bust growth.

Ingredients in Creams are
Chamomile Extract This natural extract to apply on the breast has estrogenic effects that help in increasing the level of the female hormone.

Red Clover Extract Though there is no clear evidence for breast augmentation effects this extract, it is claimed beneficial by some sources.

Almond Oil Almond oil is known for its various benefits and commonly used for breast massage that regulates blood circulation.

Wild Yam Extract This North American herb is known for bust augmentation along with regulating blood pressure and cholesterol.

Vitamins E and A Both vitamins are proclaimed to be very effective in enhancing the breast cells and tissues.

Pueraria Mirifica Extract It a popular herb for skin that also helps in the production of new breast cells.

Saw Palmetto Extract It is a hormone regulating herb that enlarges the breast size and regulates other female issues.


How Does Breast Actives Work?

does breast actives work

As I have noticed personally and through testimonials, being a three-step formula, Breast Actives breast growth pill works prominently to grow bigger boobs. The ingredient in the dietary supplement is helpful to increase the production of estrogen ( female hormone we may start loosing in puberty or menopause) hormones in your breast tissue and enhance the production of estrogen and fat cells to improve breast size cup naturally.

The cream helps to increase the blood circulation in your breast tissue. It helps to maintain your breast cells. Whereas, the workout program is added to boost the efficiency of pills and cream.

Is It Really That Good? Best Among All?

Various factors make Breast Actives the best option for natural bust enhancement products.

  • It comprises of three-step prominent solution that is not offered by any other breast enlargement treatment. It is the only product that helps to increase boobs’ size by three dimensions naturally.
  • The ingredients are 100% all-natural which makes it different from other products. It includes some ingredients like Fennel Seeds, Blessed Thistle, and Dandelion Root that are not available in any other natural product or hormone supplement for fuller breast size growth.
  • Being a natural product, it does not leave any severe or mild side effects on your skin or your body.
  • The demand for Breast Active and genuine customer reviews makes this product amazingly impressive.

Does Breast Actives Really Work?

All the three steps in this system, work in congruence to deliver maximum possible results. Talking about its oral stuff for fuller breast growth, it includes some ingredients that help boost the production of estrogen hormones helpful in making your breast tissue grow.

Topical breast size improve cream in the system that contains ingredients like Pueraria Mirifica, red clover extract, and aloe vera.Β This natural breast enlargement cream is helpful in boosting the blood flow to your breast tissue making them naturally increase breast size.

Now talking about the third step in this system, an exercise program for women breast enlargement, included in this system to strengthen breast enlargement further. This program especially talks about massage techniques, dietary changes, and special chest exercises that are helpful to strengthen the breast muscles to help breasts stay bit fuller, tight, and upright.

The exercises in this system are not hectic to perform; therefore you don’t need to devote hours from your busy schedule. Few women reported that they hadn’t noticed any increase in their breast size after four weeks or one month of use, but that’s too early to judge. Ideally, you need to perform all three steps for at least 5-6 months to get noticeable results.


Pros & Cons

Pros –

  • Formulated with 100% all-natural ingredients
  • Completely safe and do not leave any side effects
  • A huge number of satisfied customers who recommend genuine reviews & comments
  • The only product in the market with a complete 3 step system
  • Cheaper and risk-free than implants
  • Helpful in providing natural growth to shape bust by raising the production of estrogen hormones without increasing body weight
  • Manufactured by a reputable company and approved by FDA
  • Dedicated telephonic customer service in US, UK, Brazil, and Australia along with email customer service for the rest of the world
  • 90 days money-back guarantee

Cons –

  • It is not a magic system; it will take 5-6 month to show you the difference and prominent results
  • In the first week of use, you may notice sore and tingly bust.

Is It Safe To Use?

is it safe

Checking out for safety is the most important aspect while choosing any product. Talking about the side effects, the product is a blend of all herbal ingredients. Therefore, there are zero chances of facing any side effects. Approval from the FDA also assures that this product is true on all safety levels to use. But for personal considerations, it is wise to check the ingredient list before you choose this product.

Being a natural cream and pill for bust enlargement, there may be some herbs that may leave skin allergy to some of you as there might be some of you who are allergic to some ingredients. If you are planning to start Breast Actives along with any other medication or if you are suffering from any health condition, it is best to consult your doctor.

Β Breast Actives Reviews by Users

breast actives before and after

If you are searching for Breast Actives reviews, the best way is to keep your ears open for what other actual users are saying about it. Though I provided you enough information and my personal experience with Breast Actives, still you should be open to others’ views and complaints.

Let me tell you that there was a lady who mailed me about her experience and she shared that after reading helpful reviews on how to enlarge breast size cup, she got motivated and started working on all the tips provided to her. But unfortunately, in the end, she failed to get a result, the same as what happened to me.

She further shared that then she shifted her focus on bust enhancement creams and supplements and happy to hear that my Breast Actives review build up her trust. She tried it and got a terrific transformation and difference in 5 months and that too in her budget. She was happy with the noticed result and thanked me for suggesting such a prominent solution. This is only one story; I receive similar stories often. That is why I recommend this product.


What Is The Suggested Usage?

As per the company, to get prominent Breast Actives results, it is to be used in three simple steps. These three steps are to be performed one after another correctly to get useful results. Firstly, you have a dietary pill. It is advised to take one capsule with a glass of water daily just before your first meal. You can even make it after the meal if you forget.

Post to taking the pill, you should apply the cream on your breasts. Lastly, you have an exercise program that guides you through performing massage on your breasts and chest exercises to increase the system’s efficiency.

How To Further Enhance The Results?

The exercise manual in the Breast Actives system is specially added to enhance the efficiency of Breast Actives cream and pills. In this manual, you will not only get to know about chest exercises but also you will get information about some diet foods that are going to enhance the results.

Estrogen rich foods help in increasing the production of breast tissue to make it bigger and curvier. Foods like apple, plum, beet, clover flax seed, cucumber, rice, pepper, wheat, sunflower seed, barley, carrots, parsley, fennel seeds, cherries, soya bean, garlic, and clover are best foods to boost production of estrogen.

Is There Any Guarantee?

The company is so much confident about their naturally compounded Breast Actives cream and pills that they provide 60 days or a 2-month money refund claim. It builds trust among the customers that the product they are opting for is genuine and their invested capital is not going waste.

The only thing to keep in mind is that the bottle being returned should not be the opened one. As the suppliers do not accept opened bottle for the refund.

Where Does ItΒ  Stand Vis-a-Vis Competitors & On Various Parameters?

Breast Actives Comparison

Quality – The product is high in quality compared to its competitors. It is rated A+

Effectiveness – There are great results for thousands of users in the past for Breast Actives that prove that it is beneficial.

Success Rate – The success rate is very high – about 89-95%

Customer Satisfaction – The customers of Breast Active have given positive feedback, and the maximum number have rated it with five stars.

Ingredient Quality – All natural and herbal ingredients along with some high-quality herbs that make it unique.

Expected Time Of Results – Effects could be seen from the 4th week from the time of use and desired results will be noticeable within the time period of 5-6 months.

Guarantee – Guaranteed period for money back is 90 days.

Side effects – There are no side effects reported to date to worry about.

Safety – The product is 100% safe to use.


Common FAQs on Breast Actives Review

Here for you, I have gathered some of the most frequent queries about Breast Actives. I have listed the most precise and adequate answers, from various forums and websites, for all of the questions. Just click on the question to check the answer.

Q - What is exactly meant by breast enlargement with the use of Breast Actives cream and pills?
It means that the 3 steps system – the combination of pills, cream and exercise will boost the metabolism in your breast area to make them bigger and firmer
Q - How do you use breast actives?
Pills are to be taken once daily followed by application of cream and then chest exercise as instructed in manual.
Q - Is breast enlargement safe with the use of pills and creams in this system?
Yes, being a natural product is it 100% safe to use, but it is best to use it as recommended to avoid any side effects. As per Mayo Clinic, breast enlargement supplements may lead to serious side effects on interaction with some other drugs.
Q - Are there any side effects associated with using it?
No, there are no reported side effects for this product till date
Q - How long does breast actives take to work?
Results could be delivered starting from the 4th week and desired outcomes within 5-6 months
Q - What are the ingredients of the product?
All the ingredients are 100% natural especially Blessed Thistle, Dandelion Root, and Fennel Seeds. The Entire list has been given earlier in my review
Q - Is there any real proof of Breast Actives results?
Yes sure, you can find out Breast Actives before and after pics on its official website along with real testimonials.
Q - What are the other options for a breast enlargement product?
Though Breast Actives is, without doubt, the best product in the market if you want to check out other product, you can read the top 3 products for breast enlargement that we have compared.
Q - Is it available worldwide?
Yes, you can easily purchase Breast Actives enhancement cream and pills from any part of the world online.
Q - Does the company offer a free trial package?
Sorry, but the manufacturer doesn’t offer any free trial package for this breast enhancement cream, pills, and exercise combo pack. Usually, Free Trials are just a fancy system to lure customers into a monthly billing schedule.
Q - Is it useful for making the breasts firmer too? besides being a breast enlargement system?
Yes, the ingredients used in the formulation are significant to grow breast tissues and firming them, the cream and the exercise routine is fundamental to this benefit
Q - Does it help in providing curvy firmer breast?
Yes, along with enlarging your breast size, it should also provide you betterΒ  curves that you have always desired
Q - What is the right procedure and place for ordering this product?
It is best to order online
Q - What is the price of Breast Actives?
One Month Starting Pack costs $59.95 ( discounted Price on the official website). But as you go for higher packs the price comes down to $29.98 each for a 6 months supply( $179.85). Which is much lower than what I had bought it earlier. ($239.95 for a six months supply)
Q - Is It FDA approved?
Generally, it is not necessary for herbal products to get FDA approval before being marketed. They come under GRAS rule (Generally Recognized As Safe). But if a manufacturer is wise, he can get it approved by the FDA also and not surprisingly Breast Actives is duly authorized by it.
Q - Can we purchase it in stores such as Amazon, Walmart, Barrett, and Holland?
Yes, mostly it is available on stores for sale, but it is recommended to buy it only through the official website.
Q - Are breast actives results permanent?
Being a supplement, one cannot guarantee the permanence of results as it depends on the diet and lifestyle you follow after quitting the supplement. As per the company recommendation, the user needs to follow the recommended diet and exercise routine to maintain the results.
Q - Will taking estrogen increase breast size?
Yes, estrogen is the main hormone to induce/increase feminism. But you need to maintain appropriate balance while intaking estrogen rich foods. As excessing anything could harm you. Therefore, it is advised to choose estrogen rich supplements so that you get balanced estrogen support.

Breast Actives Pricing & Packages

Breast Actives Packs

Buying from the official site means that one gets the best offers as well as can totally depend on the quality. The site currently offers a tremendous discounted rate for higher packs which results in great savings.

1 Bottle – $59.95 (Get 40% Off)

3 Bottles – $39.97/each (Get 38% Off)

3 + 3 Bottles Free – $29.97/each (Get 34% Off)

This is one of the main reasons I absolutely recommend buying from the manufacturers itself, you not only get the best deals ever but also are assured of the quality and genuineness of the product.

Also, the manufacturers are offering a 60 Day money-back guarantee through the official site, instead of the usual 30 days, so you can really try and see benefits developing before your guaranteed period ends.


Where To Buy Breast Actives?

Though you can find Breast Actives in stores like Amazon, Walmart, and Barrett it is recommended by the manufacturer to buy these pills to grow breast size only from the manufacturer’s website. There are many fake products on the market that are selling with a similar name to cash its popularity. Therefore it will be safer for you to purchase it online to avoid any scam.

My Final Verdict On Breast Actives Review

Breast Actives Reviews - Curves N More

IΒ  surely recommend you to give Breast Actives a genuine try, especially because I have experienced it personally.Β Also,Β no other product can match its quality. If used as instructed, I am sure you are going to grow bigger, get firm and curvy breasts. So, it’s a thumbs up from me for this amazing breast enlargement system. Go For It Ladies…

breast actives pills


You canΒ check out the homepage to find out more articles related to women’s beauty and enhancement.

Breast Actives

$59.95 To $29.98








  • 100% natural ingredients
  • No side effects
  • Money back guarantee


  • Sore and tingly breasts initially
  • 5-6 months result delivery

Gloria Richard

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