Breast size is a very sensitive issue for most ladies lacking the support. Though there are numerous ways to enlarge your breast size through diet change, bras, exercises and even breast augmentation surgery, but these all haven’t proved enough to deliver prominent results. Breast enlargement products such as pills and creams are definitely the opportunities you and ladies like you were searching for a long time.


Though Surgical breast augmentation can give you quick results, they are possibly the most risky and costly option when compared to breast enlargement pills and creams. These pills and creams will give you comprehensive results within a matter of weeks that too safe and affordable, making you feel sexy and confident.


Hi, I am Gloria and I am here to present you top 3 best-rated breast enlargement products that I have personally found best of all other products prevailing in the market today. I have closely done research on breast enlargement market and brought top 3 of them to ease your confusion. I have judged all these products on various angles, such as effectiveness, quality of ingredients, the speed of delivering results, product safety, customer feedback, success rate, return policy, reorder rate and customer service.


So let’s get started in ascending order with number three product.

Bust Xtreme

Bust Xtreme


This is rated #3 product on my list of top 3 breast enlargement products in the market. The product claims to enlarge your breast size along with giving it lifted and firmer look. The manufacturer claims that Bust Xtreme will deliver you noticeable results in just 8-9 weeks and experts also approve its claim, which seems amazing. They further claim that this product not only enlarges your breast but it also treats affected the appearance of the breast due to weight gain, aging, and pregnancy.


Bust Xtreme certainly promises you to increase your breast size and boost your self-confidence. Bust Xtreme could be best for you if desire big breasts because this product can actually increase your size by 2 cups and that too in just 6-7 months. The product is claimed to be 100% natural and therefore does not possess any side effects.


What’s The Formulation – The only thing that makes this product to be listed on top three is due to its ingredients. Bust Xtreme has an impressive ingredient blend including natural components such as Fenugreek, Saw Palmetto, Fennel Seed, Mexican Wild Yam, Blessed Thistle, Atlantic Kelp, L-Tyrosine, Dong Quai, Mother’s Wort and Damiana. The formulation is enough to increase the breast size and boost your confidence.


Drawbacks – Though the product is effective and among top three best breast enlargement products, the only drawback for Bust Xtreme is its feedback. There only a few of the customer reviews and feedback available on the internet. Also among those available are mixed reviews. Therefore you are left only with the option to believe in manufacturer’s claims.


Total Curve



Second and ranked 2 breast enlargement products on my list is Total Curve. Total Curve is one such product that can really give you promising results by making your breast bigger, fuller, firmer and curvy. It is one of the best selling products in the market and gives you DO-IT-YOURSELF solution at home.


The ingredients are 100% natural and therefore chances of delivering side effects are very low. The customer feedback for Total Curve is also good enough to prove this product worthy.


What’s The Formulation – Again the main aspect of this product is its formulation and blend of ingredients. The product comes in two system, pills and cream that creates a dual effect on your breast size. The ingredients listed are such as saw palmetto, fenugreek seed, fennel, Mexican wild yam, mother’s wort and Atlantic Kelp. No doubt the ingredients are very powerful and effective making it one of the best products in the market.


Drawbacks – Being one of the most powerful solutions, Total Curve has only one drawback that there are some cases reported in past by the customers that this product hasn’t delivered the promised results. That’s why this product is in the second spot just because there is no valuable evidence of its effectiveness.


Breast Actives

Breast Actives


Now let’s come to our top-ranked, number one product on my list and even in the breast enlargement market, Breast Actives. If you have ever searched for breast enlargement solutions, you might have once encountered this amazing product. But wait; sorry to refer it to a product, it is a complete three-step program for natural breast enlargement.


Breast Actives is a 100% natural treatment option for increasing the bust size. The three steps of this super formula include dietary supplement, topical cream, and a training manual.


Breast Actives strikes the actual problem, eliminating it and providing you larger, lifted and firmer breast in just a few weeks. Compared to Total Curve and Bust Extreme, Breast Actives is ahead of both in all criteria. Whether its results, quality of ingredients, customer feedbacks, safety or any other.


Breast Actives acts in three dimensions, pills help to boost the estrogen (female hormone) level in your pectoral area, the cream is to apply on your breast that helps to increase blood flow into your breast tissues. Whereas, training manual includes diet guidance and chest exercise that boost the effectiveness of pills and cream. Where Bust Xtreme just includes pills and Total Curve includes pills and cream, Breast Actives counter your breast tissue in all the three-way possible.


Drawbacks – There is actually no drawbacks to this product. Not because I ranked it in top spot but actually there is no such reported claim of side effects for this product. Though manufacturer being honest suggest that Breast Actives is a blend of completely natural ingredients and herbs, therefore, some ladies being allergic to any of the listed ingredients might face minor irritation.


Though all the three breast enlargement products are best but Breast Actives has proved its dominance over Total Curve and Bust Xtreme at all level making it the best in the market. If you ask me that which product to choose, I will strongly recommend you for Breast Actives. Because I have personally tried this product on me and have found prominent results in just 8-9 weeks.

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