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7 Common Mistakes Made During Natural Breast Increase Process

Most ladies with smaller breast size feel very uncomfortable while getting in public and therefore they get desperate to have bigger boobs. This is the situation when their desperation makes them create blunders that may cost them adversely. They wisely try all possible options to boost their breast size but fail at last mostly because of the mistakes carried by them. Here I have listed seven common mistakes that is possible while breast size increase process.


Breast size increase mistake #1 – Often cleaning breast with soap

cleaning breast with soap


Almost all soaps include chemicals in their ingredients and these chemicals when coming in contact with your skin eliminates Keratinocytes through chemical reaction and also induces division of cells. Therefore when you often clean your breasts with soap, it will boost the chemical reaction in your breast cells making them dry resulting in loose breasts. Use of soap also eliminates the lubricant in your breast cells. It is better to wash the breasts with warm water without using the soap.


Breast increase mistake #2 – Squeezing breasts strongly

Squeezing breasts


Many women create a misconception that breast massaging means squeezing the breast strongly and this will make their breast bigger. But this is a pointless concept. Squeezing breast strongly will result in abusively to your breast. This process will initially hurt your soft breast tissues causing internal hyperplasia. Also, it will change your breast size resulting in bosom prolapsed.Β Breast engorgement is another breast squeezing like a process that occurs in mammary gland due to breastfeeding.

Therefore the first thing to avoid is squeezing the breast strongly. Secondly, avoid sleeping one posture for a long time as this will lead to uneven shape in your breasts. The third most important thing to avoid regarding breast squeezing is to while making love, ask your partner to avoid squeezing breasts strongly and madly.


Breast increase mistake #3 – Not wearing bras

Not wearing bras


Another misconception among females is not to wear a bra until they get into formed breast size. For your information, it is a wrong perception. Not wearing a bra for a long time will easily damage you externally and results in bosom prolapsed breasts. Therefore it is essential to wear the correct bra to maintain the natural growth of breasts.


Breast size increase mistake #4 – Cleaning breasts with hot or cold water

cleaning breast with hot water


It is an extension of my first topic, cleaning breast with soap. In that topic, I stated that avoid using soap and use only hot water for cleaning breasts. But it is essential to brief you because most women misunderstood this and use too hot or too cold water for cleaning. It is wrong as it will irritate the capillaries around your breasts and it may also result in flubbing of breasts.


Breast increase mistake #5 – Exercise to increase breast size

Exercise increases breast size


One more misconception about increasing breast size is that exercises help to improve in breast size. Exercising can never increase your cups instead of training stimulates the development of chest muscles and extruding breast. This makes your breast look bigger and fuller, but actually, the size remains the same.


Breast increase mistake #6 – Using hormone medicines

hormone medicines


When girls are going through puberty and enter the start of menstruation cycle, their ovary excretes all the waste particles from their body in the form of blood. But while performing this process, it also secretes estrogen that is important for females. Due to this the estrogen level in females decreases and they start planning to have pills that boost hormones. Although these hormone pills can promote the growth of breast, there are also many potential hazards. With excess estrogen level in females, there are huge chances of developing breast cancer.


Breast size increase mistake #7 – Using breast enlargement creams for a long time

breast enlargement creams


Breast enlargement creams are one of the best products for enhancing breast size. It works because these creams contain a hormonal substance in their ingredients that when applied to the breast, get absorbed by tissues leading to increasing in size. But continuous use of these creams for a more extended period can lead to some hazardous conditions such as hyper-pigmentation in breasts, irregular menstruation, dry and thin breast skin and liver disorder.

Tips For Breast Enhancement

Thanks for giving your time on reading this article. I hope this article would be able to debunk all the misconceptions related to breast enhancement. Visit CNM review page for more details on products like creams and pills for breast enhancement.


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