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Gels and Creams To Increase Female Libido

Searching for gels and creams to increase female libido? A modern woman leads a hectic lifestyle since she holds a job just like her male counterparts. Gone are the days when women were expected to stay at home to look after their family needs, and especially the sexual needs of their partner. Today, many women suffer from low sexual drive, also referred to as low libido. Statistics from a study carried out in 2006 showed that 40 percent of women suffer from low libido.

Low sexual drive is caused by both psychological and physical factors such as relationship issues, hormonal imbalances, busy schedules, and pressure from work. It is now a fact that more women are suffering from low libido compared to men. However, a woman needs to increase her sexual drive since she deserves sexual satisfaction whether she is going through menopause or experiencing hormonal imbalance. There are several ways of heightening sexual desire, such as using creams or gels.

Gels & Creams To Increase Female Libido

Libido enhancement gels and creams are topical applications that are becoming quite popular with women. It is because they work very fast as they are applied directly to the skin. After application, the gel or cream is absorbed into the skin producing instant results. Another benefit associated with gels and creams is that their treatment is localized as they only affect the desired region. These libido-enhancing gels are widely available in pharmacies at an affordable cost.

How do they work?

Libido gels and creams are applied to the clitoris region by gently massaging them with your fingertips. After application, the cream is absorbed into the skin and starts working within five minutes. Gels increase the flow of blood into the clitoris blood vessels, leading to full arousal. When blood streams into a women’s genitals, it increases the intensity and sensitivity of an orgasm. Gels and creams also eliminate vaginal dryness by moisturizing the vagina, making penetration more comfortable. These libido enhancement creams and gels also tighten the vaginal muscles and make women more responsive to touch.

Top Female Libido Cream & Gel


vigorelle gel

This libido cream is made from natural plant extracts that blend ingredients such as damiana, Ginkgo Biloba, and l-arginine without any harsh chemicals. Vigorelle produces instant lubrication after application so a woman can enjoy deep penetration and intense orgasms Vigorelle is recommended by doctors since it has no side effects. You do not feel embarrassed when ordering Vigorelle as it is available in discreet packaging, billed, and shipped to your residence. Read our review

HerSolution gel

hersolution gel

This gel is very popular and was featured in the β€œDoctors” TV show. The gel is made from natural ingredients and contains shea butter, l-arginine, and aloe Vera. The gel not only causes instant lubrication but also heightens sensitivity by stimulating blood flow into the genitals. HerSolution gel is approved by doctors, and a six-monthly supply costs around $32, inclusive of shipping within the U.S.A. Read our review

V-Tight Gel

V-Tight gel contains unique herbal ingredients that help in tightening the vagina. Vagina slackness is common in many women who give birth normally and often reduces sexual pleasure. Intivar gel also causes instant lubrication and causes muscle relaxation. The gel helps in eliminating painful sex as it prevents thinning by rejuvenating the vagina walls. Read our review


Most libido gels and creams are made from natural ingredients that are neither harsh nor addictive. They do not produce any harmful side effects and are safe to use. The elements do not contain any hormones, so they will not trigger any hormonal imbalance in the body.

Women should enjoy and derive satisfaction from sex, given its many health benefits. Female libido gels and creams help in increasing lubrication, sensitivity, and pleasure during sex. They are also affordable, easy to use, and safe and should be considered a number one option by women suffering from low libido.

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