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Top 7 Home Remedies For Natural Breast Growth

For the past week, I was wondering which topic to write, and I was blocked of thoughts. But then a relevant question gained prominence when one of my readers requested me to suggest some natural ways to increase breast size. Although, this topic is a very hot discussion point among women unhappy with their small breast, but it did not occur to my mind earlier.


So, ladies, it’s time to cheer up because here in this article I have listed top 4 home remedies natural breast growth. Talking about natural enlargement, our breast grows naturally through Mammoplasia process, especially during puberty and pregnancy. But unfortunately, this growth can be halted due to poor diet or some other factors such as Breast Atrophy (lose breasts skin due to malnutrition).

I have done a lot of research before writing this post, and therefore all the remedies that are listed below are prominent and recommended to boost your breast size by cups. But before that let’s know that what is the single most dangerous mistake made by most of us women while trying to enlarge their breast size.


Avoid this mistake while working on natural breast growth

Breast enlargement mistake


There are many ladies who all day blame God for being unkind to them as they have small boobs. But what they do when treating their small breast, make the situation more prominent by wearing vertical stripes. We will discuss the seven most common mistakes made by ladies during breast enlargement in another article. Here I am pointing most glaring error they do by is by wearing vertical stripes. Vertical stripes make your breast look smaller, and no matter how big are your boobs they will always look smaller than actual with vertical stripes.

Natural breast growth with diet

Increase Breast With Diet


Our breast size is entirely relative to our eating habit. While choosing our food, we never consider that how it will affect our body and therefore there are some foods that are responsible for blocking natural breast growth. These foods are filled with elements that boost the development of testosterone (male hormones) that prevent an increase in breast size. However, the effect of these foods can be turned down by eliminating them from our diet and introducing foods that are a rich source of estrogen (female hormones).

Milk – Dairy products are very rich in protein but very few of us actually know that milk is a rich source of reproductive hormones that boost increase in breast size.

Soy – Soy is a rich source of phytoestrogens that are responsible for the growth of breast. Along with enlarging breast size, it also helps in fighting cancer cells that could be developed in breast tissues.

Papaya – You might get surprised to know that papaya can help you in your breast enlargement job. Papaya along milk actually boosts the breast size naturally.


Natural breast expansion with exercise

Increase Breast With Exercise


As well are aware that exercises are the best treatment option for various health conditions and also to keep our body fit and healthy. But very few of you might know that breast enlargement is also possible through exercises. Yoga and other exercises are known beneficial in increasing your cup size by numbers.


Yoga poses like Cobra pose, Double Angle Pose and Camel pose are found very prominent in enlarging your breast size. Whereas, exercises like Pushups, inverted wall pushups, free weights and bench press are known to boost metabolism and increase blood circulation to enhance the development of female hormones.

Increase breast naturally with hypnosis


Although I myself have no experience with this, I read a lot that Hypnosis is a proven method for natural breast augmentation. I know that visualization can do a lot, so I can well imagine that Hypnosis can contribute by communicating with the subconscious through Hypnosis. This communication contributes to the production of new cells, tissue and the improvement of organs. All essential things that are important to support the hormones that ensure natural breast enlargement.


Natural breast enlargement herbs


Increasing breasts or strengthening breasts with herbs is the traditional way of breast enlargement. Taking herbs and then specifically based on pueraria mirifica has long been used in breast care. Numerous studies have been conducted and almost all of the results are positive. It is wise to first start with a small dose, because although herbs are natural and often have no side effects, it can still occur that someone reacts allergically. If it turns out that you respond well to the product, the dosage can be used according to supplier guidelines. I will soon write an extensive article about herbs, supported by some scientific information.


Herbal supplements to increase breast size


There are countless products available, in particular through online purchases. You can use these products on their own, but are also ideal in combination with the chest massage.

Every product has its own specific effect. For example, one product will give more volume, while the other product is specially developed for sagging or sagging breasts. In addition, there are products that need to be massaged daily, while others can be sprayed on without massage. Depending on the budget, one product gives a faster result than a perhaps cheaper product.

Products based on breast cream or serum are also ideal for women who do not want to take pills or who have an allergic reaction to pills. The difference between a cream or serum is often the depth effect and the amount. You will see that a cream is often slightly cheaper, but that you need more and the effect is less effective than a serum. You can achieve good results with both, but it will probably take a little longer.

These natural breast enlargement supplements are burning the market because of their huge demand and success rate. Supplements are the easiest and effortless option to enlarge your breast size. They are formulated with 100% natural ingredients and therefore are safe to consume. They are safe, cheap and easy to use. Breast Actives pills & cream is the most popular breast enlargement supplement as it is a pack of herbal pills and massage cream for best results. Check out my personal experience with Breast Actives.


Increase breast naturally with push-up bras


Now that you may want to try the above, it’s a good time to start with a push-up bra. You get used to the fact that your breasts are more prominent, but your breasts themselves also get better support and it is very comfortable for your breasts.


Natural breast growth with massage

Increase Breast With Massage


Though massage is listed here as a natural remedy for breast growth, it is not effective unless you support it with other remedies. If you are planning to use the supplement for your breast growth, massage will be a great add-on to boost the results. Massaging your breast induces the breast tissues and increases the blood circulation. All you need is a massaging oil or cream. Oils like flaxseed oil, fennel oil, and olive oil are good to massage but if you want to use cream, then it is wise to opt Breast Actives as it is a complete pack of supplement and massage cream.


The choice is to be made by you that which home remedy is going to be best for you and all of them are effective in their potential. But if talking about results, I will suggest you to go with herbal supplements as it will deliver you fast and prominent results whereas diet and exercises are a slow process. For more details on products for breast enhancement, visit our homepage.


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