Hello ladies, are you stressed with your skinny and thin body figure? Do your body figure is affecting your beauty or you are losing the attraction of men? I can understand your condition and suffering as I have also suffered from the same condition in my past. According to research conducted by an independent agency, only 34% female have a perfect curvy figure. This means that you are not alone, 76% of females are feeling like you. My name is Gloria Richard and I am the creator of this blog, Curves N More.

My condition was also as same as most of you ladies. I was having too skinny and thin body figure and it was severely affecting my confidence and presentation. Like every girl, I also like that I could have the hourglass figure and people noticing me. I researched a lot on how to develop a perfect curvy body figure and in this my research journey I have gone through lots of ideas and tips that I followed.

Most of them were fake and just wasted my time and effort. Although, after some hard work and deep research, I succeeded to achieve what I was hoping for. Combination of right diet and exercises along with the best choice of supplement, helped me to get the desirable hourglass figure. In this article, I am going to explain you the tips on female health and fitness, the importance of curvy figure, how to achieve it with home remedies, surgical procedures, and my favorite supplement that helped me in achieving my dream figure.

Two Factors Of Women Beauty

The beauty of women doesn’t only mean clear and fair skin. Having a good figure plays an important role in enhancing your beauty and confidence. A perfect figure is based on two factors, enlarged breast, and bulky buttocks. Making these two factors perfect will glow your personality and beauty. Further, in this article we are going to find out the natural breast and butt enhancement tips, techniques, and methods along with best breast and butt enhancement products.

What Is Breast Enhancement?

Breast or boob enhancement is a technique of enlarging the breast size to a perfect large shape. This breast enhancement procedure could be done through various methods like home remedies, diet, exercises, injections, surgery or through breast enhancement supplements and products. Although, all of these breast enhancement methods work with a different procedure, but the technique is similar. Boob enhancement is done by accumulating the fat under breast area either naturally or artificially.

Tips For Natural Breast Enhancement At Home

One of the easiest and safest methods of natural bust enhancement is the home remedy. There are various diets and exercise plans that are specially designed for your boob enhancement at home. Exercises like push ups, wall push ups, weight lifting, and rotating arms are found to be the most prominent workouts for natural bust enhancement. Similarly, including herbs like banana, radish, fennel seeds, dandelion roots, onion and fenugreek seeds are the safest breast enhancement diet system. Also, breast massage with oil is also found beneficial in natural boob enhancement.

Hormonal Breast Enhancement Injections

Injections are also considered as one of the most popular breast enhancement techniques these days. Because it is easy to use, just a little injecting pain can deliver you bigger boobs. These injections are actually a kind of hormonal injection that increases the number of female hormones in the body that helps in the development of women’s breast. Although, it looks the easiest way for bust enhancement, but I would never recommend you to go with it. Because there is no assurance of results to be staying for a long time. Once you stopped taking hormonal injections, your boobs will return to their normal size.

Breast Enhancement Surgery

breast enhancement surgery

Bust enhancement surgery is a method of enlarging or restoring the breast size with the help of implanting saline and silicone gel. In some cases, the fat from the other part of the body is implanted under breast area to provide natural boob enhancement. Though it is preferred as the best technique for bust enhancement fast but it also carries some severe drawbacks. First of all, the breast enhancement cost for surgery is very high and is not affordable for the majority of women. You will also have to go under severe pre and post-surgical pain. Even though after spending huge amount and suffering pain there are some cases where surgery failed leaving the patient with uneven boobs size.

Non Surgical Breast Enhancement Techniques

non surgical breast enhancement

If you got the point, I explained above that why the surgical procedure is not the best option for bust enhancement, you might be searching for an option for breast enhancement without surgery. In this concern, you can go with home remedies but if you are not comfortable with it and want an easy option for natural bust enhancement then I would recommend you choose breast enhancement products like gel, creams, and pills. They are easy to use, safe and effective.

Natural Breast Enhancement Products & Supplements

Using the supplements for natural breast enhancement is the best option that I would also recommend you. There are various herbal supplements and products in the market that are proved to be effective for enhancing the breast size. These products and supplements are formulated with vital breast enhancement vitamins that help in increasing the healthy fat under breast area. Bust enhancement supplements come in many forms like gel, creams, and pills. But wait, how could you find the best breast enhancement pills and creams available in the market? I will help you out.


Breast Actives – The Best Breast Enhancement Pills & Creams

best breast enhancement pills & creams

The market is flooded with the number of products and each of them claims itself as the top and most effective breast enhancement pills and creams. But most of them are not worthy to use or you can say they are just wastage of money. One product that I have used and trust blindly is Breast Actives. It is not just a supplement rather it is a complete breast enhancement system. Where most products either provide only pills or cream, Breast Actives is a combination of both bust enhancement pills and cream.

What makes Breast Actives the most popular breast enhancement pills and cream is its formulation and delivery of results. The supplement is completely formulated with all natural and herbal ingredients that are found to be very powerful in enhancing the breast size. The boob enhancement cream helps in enhancing the breast size from outside whereas the boob enhancement pills work from inside to increase the size of the bust. It is actually a breast enhancement pills & cream that work efficiently to give you large bust. You can read our breast enhancement pills & cream reviews to find out more details about Breast Actives.


Natural Butt Enhancement

natural buttock enhancement

A perfect figure is always incomplete without a perfect bum. When it is talked about a perfect figure, most women consider bigger boobs as the only criteria. But it is a fact that butt and hip enhancement is also similarly important. If you have understood the fact, then you might be thinking of what the best butt and hip enhancer method are. There are numerous ways for buttock enhancement such as home remedies, diet, exercises, surgery, and herbal products.

Natural Buttock Enhancement Without Surgery

Surgery is been considered as the best and fastest buttock enhancer method but there are some drawbacks too. First of all, the surgical procedure is very costly that means most of you cannot afford it. Also, there is severe pain that you are left with and also you have to spend enough time on bed rest. In some surgical cases, it is seen that results are delivered adversely where the patient is left with uneven buttocks.

There are many other options that you can follow for butt enhancement without surgery. One such method is diet and exercises. There are many diet and workout plan available on the internet that you can follow for natural butt and hip enhancement at home. Though this method is easy and cheap, but it will take enough time and hard work to deliver results. Most women cannot afford that much effort and time for butt and hip enhancer. For those women, there is another option, butt enhancement products.


Natural Butt Enhancement Products

best butt enhancement products

I personally recommend you to use these herbal products to get big booty because it has even helped me to enhance my buttock. The market is flooded with such herbal products like butt lift pills and creams that you can choose from to get big booty. These herbal products are easy to use and safe because they are formulated with 100% natural ingredients including many vital herbs in their formulation. They are also available at an affordable price that makes it a cheaper option than surgery without any side effects. These herbal products can deliver faster results than diet and exercises. But the problem is how to choose the best butt enhancement product in the market.

Apex Booty Pop – Best Butt Enhancement Cream

best butt enhancement cream

Though making a choice for buttock enhancement product is totally your decision but being a guide to you over here it is my responsibility to help you out in this search. My personal favorite and personally experienced product that I recommend is Apex Booty Pop cream. This hip enhancement cream is one of the most popular and demanded butt lift cream in the market.

Apex Booty Pop is a herbal cream to make your buttocks bigger in an easy, fast and safest manner. This booty cream is formulated of all natural ingredients that are safe to use. Most women feel doubt that does butt enhancement creams work or not and degrade them when compared to pills. But as per my personal experience, booty creams are more effective than supplements.

Apex Booty cream is applied directly on the hips once a day and you can see noticeable results within two weeks. The main science behind the effectiveness of this butt lift cream is that the powerful ingredients of the cream are absorbed immediately with the application and start working on the tissues to form healthy fat in your hip area. You can read our Apex Booty Pop butt enhancement cream reviews to find out more details on this amazing bum cream.