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Best Breast Enlargement Exercises To Get Bigger Breasts Naturally At Home

You cannot influence how mother nature has brought you into the world. Or is it? Padding and push-up bras are not your only options for a fuller bra.

You can make your breasts look bigger by training the muscles under your breasts with breast enlargement exercises. Before you order a larger bra directly online, the following should be clear: this workout turns an A-cup into a B-cup. But if you never train your chest muscles, then these exercises may offer that little bit extra.

Training different chest muscles (with the right weights) ensures stronger muscles, and these exercises would also give your breasts a better shape. Important success factor? Make sure the weights are heavy enough. It is important that you challenge yourself to train with heavyweights. Add the following routine to your workout twice a week and see what it does for you.

Are Breast Enlargement Exercises Really Effective?

breast enlargement exercises

By doing the exercises below, it is not the case that you immediately get a larger cup size. You will notice that your breasts become firmer because you train your chest muscles, you grow muscle mass, your muscles grow and so you seem to have a little more cup.

For an optimal result, you need to get enough protein so that your muscles can recover well. In addition, healthy and varied food is also very important. Because of a lot of fat your breasts will also hang faster.

The following exercises are best performed two to three times a week. You can easily do this at home, you only need to purchase a fitness mat and possibly some weights. There are also exercises with special devices, which you can find a lot at the gyms. So you can choose what you do.

Top 6 Breast Enlargement Exercises

best breast enlargement exercises

During the exercises, it is important to keep breathing in a controlled manner. When you say strength you breathe in and when you relax you breathe out. To prevent injuries and to achieve an optimal result, you must perform the exercises as correctly as possible. If in doubt, ask someone with experience. Make sure you warm up as well in advance as you can prevent torn muscles and other nasty injuries.

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Breast Enlargement Exercises #1 – Dumbbell Fly

dumbbell fly

Grab a dumbbell in each hand and make sure that your palms are facing each other. Lie down on the bench and keep your arms straight up. Then gently lower your arms. Do not cross your arms while doing so. Then bring the weights back together. Repeat 16 x 3. So up and down 16 times and then take a break and then the same thing twice. Keep your arms at the height of your chest muscles.

Breast Enlargement Exercises #2 – Push-ups

Take a mat and place your hands wider than your body, at the height of your chest muscles. You have three options with this exercise. The toughest option is on your toes. The middle one is on your knees (further away) and the easiest is on your knees close to your body. Now go down slowly and up again. Also, do this exercise 16 x 3. You can increase this exercise by placing your legs on a raised surface, for example on your bed or couch.

Breast Enlargement Exercises #3 – Chest Press

This device can be found in the gym. You take a seat on the device and ensure that the handles are at the height of your chest. Push your back against the backrest and push the handles forward. Then have them come back. Make sure that there is tension on your muscles, both at the beginning and at the end of the movement. That way you get the best results.

Breast Enlargement Exercises #4 – Peck Deck

You also need to be in the gym for this device. Also with this device adjust the handles so that they are at the height of your chest. Push your back against the backrest and push the handles together and let it come back. Keep tension on the muscles and don’t let the weights come together.

Breast Enlargement Exercises #5 – Dumbbell bench press

Lie on your back with your arms extended and a dumbbell in both hands. Lower the dumbbells to chest height, and then push your arms back towards the ceiling. This is one exercise. Repeat this exercise ten times and then immediately start the following exercise below.

Lie down on an adjustable bench that is slightly raised (approximately at an angle of 15 to 30 degrees) and place your feet on the floor. Hold two dumbbells with arms outstretched straight up. Slowly lower the dumbbells until they reach the height of your breasts. Pause and stretch your arms again. Repeat this exercise ten times and start the last exercise without a break.

Breast Enlargement Exercises #6 – In the risers

Simple Sets of workouts on the risers or Steps as we know them can work well. You dont need to start with a high step, move your way up from 4 inches to the optimum height that is usually 8 inches.

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