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How To Make Breast Bigger By Massage Therapy?

If you want to grow your breast size, it is important to take the care of your breast health. Growth of the breast totally depends on three factors, generation of new cells, proper flow of blood and balance of estrogen. Six important energy channels run across the breast area. Bras and especially the underwire bras are the culprits for disrupting the energy flow with all its consequences. The best way to improve the energy flow under the breast area is to give then a healthy massage. In this article, we are going to explore, how to make breast bigger by massage therapy at home.

Supplements Cannot Deliver Results Alone

Most women think that if they are taking best supplements for breast growth, they don’t need to do anything else. But the fact is that even supplements cannot deliver results without outside effort. The active ingredients of breast enlarging pills are called phytoestrogen. These stimulate the development of the mammary glands in the breasts. By taking these pills, the body receives a large amount of this harmless vegetable estrogen. These substances mimic the real estrogen, without its hormonal effects.

Yet the results of such breast augmentation capsules are often poor or even non-existent. The reason for this is simple, the outside effort. While taking supplements, you need to support it from outside through breast massage. The massage stimulates the blood circulation and with this improved circulation, the active ingredients supplied through pills are effectively transported to the breast area.

Get Bigger Breast By Massage

The techniques below will help to improve circulation in your breasts and allow more energy to flow through your breasts. Considering this your breasts not only become firmer but especially fuller and healthier! This information is to help you to better understand what breasts need to stay healthy.

Sometimes a deeper breast tissue treatment is needed to remove adhesions, waste and cysts from your breasts. In that case, you can contact a specialized breast tissue therapist. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what cup size you have, any woman can do this.

Benefits of breast massage:

  • Relief of tension in the breasts
  • It ensures good blood and lymph flow
  • It helps in detoxing your breasts
  • Enlarges the breast size
  • Stimulates hormone production
  • Your breasts become firmer
  • Prevention of stagnation in the milk aisles
  • Prevention of cyst formation, inflammation, adhesions and lymphatic stagnation


What Do You Need For Bigger Breast Massage?

You do not need complicated instruments to massage your breasts. Your hands are more than sufficient. Other than that what all you need is just a breast enlargement cream or oil. Never opt for soap, as many others recommend because it contains hormone-disrupting substances. There are many breast enlargement options for creams and oils. Naturaful cream is one of my favourite one that I always recommend.

Warming Up Before Bigger Breast Massage

Start by holding your breasts so that your breasts feel nice and warm. This is unnecessary if you are in the shower. The blood circulation gets going properly. The technique is mostly towards the armpits because we want the toxins to drain away to the armpits.

But there is also a technique that massages precisely to the breasts, the reason being that we want to bring extra blood and oxygen to the breasts.

My advice is to brush the armpits, then make 10 movements directed towards the armpits with your hands before massaging the rest of the breasts.

How To Make Breast Bigger By Massage? – The Techniques

Go Around

  • Place your left hand on your right breast and your right hand on your left breast
  • Start with the top and outside near the armpit (at 2 o’clock on the left and at 10 o’clock on the right)
  • Move your fingers and hands over the top of the chest, through your breastbone to the bottom and then bring your hands up again via the bottom


  • Place the fingers of your left hand on your right breast and the fingers of your right hand on your left breast
  • At 2 o’clock on the left and at 10 o’clock on the right.
  • Make small circles with your fingers, and start drawing circles around the chest
  • From the top outside, towards the sternum, then along the bottom and then towards the armpit

Flip Flop

  • Put your full hands under your breasts (both at 6 o’clock) and stand slightly forward
  • Slightly lift both breasts and let them wobble and wiggle
  • This is especially important if you have just taken off your bra


  • Place your left hand on the side of your left chest, on the armpit side (at 3 o’clock)
  • Stroke a few times over your chest towards the sternum
  • Every time you arrive at your breastbone you have the right hand brushed from bottom to top over the inside of your left breast
  • Do the same with your other chest


  • Place both hands on the outside and bottom of your left chest (at 5 o’clock)
  • Stroke one after the other with both hands diagonally across the chest, over the nipple toward 11 o’clock
  • Do the same in reverse with the right breast

From below

  • Place both your hands on the underside of your left breast (at 6 o’clock) and stroke one behind the other with your hands diagonally across your chest, over the nipple toward 12 o’clock
  • Do the same in reverse with the right breast


  • Place the palm of your left hand over your left nipple
  • Press gently but deeply and turn in circles
  • You can do this with two hands and two breasts at the same time


  • Lift one breast with one hand, with the other you now iron firmly from the breastbone towards the armpit
  • Do this also with the other breast (this is also allowed from the armpit to the breastbone)

Best Cream For Bigger Breast Massage

I hope the techniques for how to make breast bigger massage are quite informative to you. All these techniques require an ointment that is to be applied to your breast before massaging them. Now the question is that, which is the best cream to choose? Well, as I mentioned earlier, my favourite choice for breast massage cream is Breast Actives. The benefit of choosing it is that you get a complete set of supplements, creams and exercise manual. Being a herbal supplement, it also does not possess any side effects. So, make your choice intelligently.

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