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how to grow your breast

How to Make Your Boobs Grow

how to grow your breastThe universal perception of beauty has grown to accommodate fuller boobs. There is hardly any lady with small boobs who would not desire an upgrade. This has lead to the discovery of different techniques which are directed at making the boobs look bigger such as wearing a push-up bra or using make-up. Surgery is arguably the first thing ladies consider when it comes to growing their boobs. The safety concerns and costs involved often cause them to look for help from elsewhere. However, these practices do nothing to actually increase the size of the boobs. Let’s consider some ways to actually make your boobs grow.


Physical Exercise

physical exercise

This is one of the healthiest and safest ways to make your boobs grow. It involves carrying out exercise routines that work the chest muscles. Some of the exercises that help include dumbbell stretches, planks, push-ups, chair dips, etc. These are proven to increase the size of your breasts over time by building the underlying muscles. There have also been reports of the potential inherent in breast massage even though the usefulness for the growth of boobs has not been proven.


Estrogen is the hormone that aids the growth and development of secondary sexual characteristics in females. Taking foods rich in this hormone such as kale, beet, soy products, barley, rice, walnuts, etc. Also, an overall body weight gain is bound to cause your breasts to increase in size. To do this, you have to ensure that you take in more calories and eat more fatty foods. Since the breasts are made up of fat, it is only normal that their growth would require fat. Most women would rather not put on weight just for the boobs, however. It is still possible to increase the intake of fats and calories by consuming healthy foods like cheese, yogurt, avocadoes, etc.



Birth control pills, progesterone, estrogen, and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors cause the breast to grow as a side effect. This can be exploited in order to obtain fuller breasts. In spite of their usefulness, they must only be used after a physician has evaluated the risks and benefits. This is because these drugs have other undesirable side effects like joint pain, vaginal irritation, etc. In addition to regular medications, there are claims on the breast enlargement potential in some herbal products.Β  An example is seen in the Marshmallow root. This herb should be used carefully as it has a high potential for drug-drug reaction.

Breast Actives

foods rich in phytoestrogen

One medication package worth considering is Breast Actives. This involves drug products as well as a fitness program. The products contain natural products which mean that they are relatively safe. These products provide a different option from surgeries in giving full and youthful. The formulations contain Fennel seed extract, fenugreek seed extract, kelp, Dong Quai root, watercress, etc.Β  The components are rich in nutrients and vitamins which helps the breasts to grow. One is expected to notice visible changes after a total of one to two months of use. The combination of the products, diet, and exercises is likely to be very effective.

Side effects

Breast Actives products contain relatively non-toxic chemicals which are also found in other cosmetics. The occurrence of side effects is dependent on individual differences. Some of the side effects include; redness, swelling, and inflammation. There could also be allergic reactions.

Breast growth is characteristic of puberty and it is expected that the average female will have her breasts fully developed in her late teen years or early twenties. The process is mediated by biological compounds.

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