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Breast enlargement with fruits and whole grains

How To Increase Breast Size With Food

Many women ask me that are there any foods to increase the breast size naturally. Prepare To get happy ladies, the answer is yes. Our cup size is much related to the foods we eat and fortunately, there are some foods that can increase our breast size.  Now you might be worrying that these must be some special foods and it is going to be hard to find them. But you need not worry because you can easily find these foods in your kitchen or nearby supermarket. Adding nutritional foods in your diet will develop more adipose tissues that are located near breast area and are controlled by KLF14 gene. I have listed these foods below to make your job easier.


Breast enlargement with milk

Breast enlargement with milk


We all know that dairy products are very rich in protein but very few of us actually know that milk is a rich source of reproductive hormones. If we take cow’s milk, for example, it is a rich source of hormones like progesterone, estrogen, and prolactin. Estrogen and progesterone are very essential in the female for natural growth of breast.


Breast enlargement with green vegetables

Breast enlargement with green vegetables


Green and leafy vegetables are considered great food for healthy living but they are not capable enough to enlarge our breast size because they contain a very low level of phytoestrogen. Now you might be thinking that then why are they on the list? This is because they are the rich source of iron, calcium, and antioxidant that help in toning up the enlarged breast.


Breast Enlargement with seeds

Breast Enlargement with seeds


Seeds are a healthy food for our daily diet, no matter whether its pumpkin seeds or flax seeds or sunflower seeds or anise seeds. Seeds are the rich source of estrogen (female hormones) that helps in increasing the breast size. You can have them in various ways, either you can add them your favorite snacks or you can sprinkle them on your salad.


Breast enlargement with seafood

Breast enlargement with seafood


Have you heard of manganese? If not, let me tell you that manganese is an element that is a rich source of sex hormones that induces the development of breast tissue. Seafood like oysters, prawns, seaweeds, and shellfish are rich in manganese. You can notice surprising results in your breast size when you take these seafoods on the daily routine.


Breast enlargement with Soy

Breast enlargement with Soy


If you are searching for natural superfood for breast enlargement then soy is your last search. Soy is a rich source of phytoestrogens that are responsible for the growth of breast. Along with enlarging breast size, it also helps in fighting cancer cells that could be developed in breast tissues. It is better to replace regular milk with soy milk to get prominent results.


Breast Enlargement with Tofu

Breast Enlargement with Tofu


Tofu is one such food that is rich in estrogen, protein and low fat. This is the reason why it is regarded as the miracle food. Tofu is the best substitute for the meat and therefore replace with your meat diet. The best part of tofu is that it is easily available nearby you and easy to prepare.


Breast Enlargement with Nuts

Breast Enlargement with Nuts


If you want bigger cups in your breast, nuts are the best food for you. Nuts like walnuts, peanuts, cashew, and pecan are the rich source of estrogen, fat and protein and therefore they help in enlarging the breast size naturally. It is not that nuts are only good enhancing breast size rather they are also good for brain and heart. It is a win-win situation for you with nuts as there is nothing to lose. Have them as snacks or use them to garnish your food.


Breast enlargement with fruits and whole grains

Breast enlargement with fruits and whole grains


Do you know the major reason for your small breast? It is due to high production of male hormones. To prevent the production of testosterone and induce estrogen production, eat fresh fruits and add whole grains to your daily diet.


Breast Enlargement with lean meat

Breast Enlargement with lean meat


Enlargement of breast requires high amount of protein and the biggest source of protein is meat. Including meat in your daily food will surely give you surprising results but make sure to prefer only lean meat, not any other meat.


Breast Enlargement with herbs

Breast Enlargement with herbs


Herbs are the best gift of nature to us as they are beneficial in treating various health conditions. Similarly, there are some herbs that are found excellent in enlarging breast size. Herbs like wild yam and fenugreek help in stimulating the development of breast tissues. Saw palmetto and fennel are some other herbs that release good fat in your breast area making it bigger in size.

4 Home Remedies to Increase Breast Size

For past one week, I was wondering which topic to write and I was totally blocked of thoughts. But then a relevant topic gained prominence when one of my readers requested me to suggest some home remedies to naturally enlarge breast size. Although, this topic is a very hot discussion point among women unhappy with their small breast but it did not occur to my mind earlier.


So, ladies, it’s time to cheer up because here in this article I have listed top 4 home remedies to enlarge your breast size naturally. Talking about natural enlargement, our breast grows naturally through Mammoplasia process specially during puberty and pregnancy. But unfortunately this growth can be halted due to poor diet or some other factors such as Breast Atrophy (lose breasts skin due to malnutrition).

I have done a lot of research before writing this post and therefore all the remedies that are listed below are prominent and recommended to boost your breast size by cups. But before that let’s know that what is the single most dangerous mistake made by most of us women while trying to enlarge their breast size.


Avoid this mistake while working on breast enlargement

Breast enlargement mistake


There are many ladies who all day blame God for being unkind to them as they have small boobs. But what they do when treating their small breast, just make the situation more prominent by wearing vertical stripes. We will discuss 7 most common mistakes made by ladies while breast enlargement in another article. Here I am pointing most glaring mistake they do by is by wearing vertical stripes. Vertical stripes make your breast look smaller and no matter how big are your boobs they will always look smaller than actual with vertical stripes.

Naturally Increase Breast With Diet

Increase Breast With Diet


Our breast size is quite relative to our eating habit. While choosing our food we never consider that how it will affect our body and therefore there are some foods that are responsible for blocking a natural increase in breast size. These foods are filled with elements that boost development of testosterone (male hormones) that prevent an increase in breast size. However, the effect of these foods can be turned down by eliminating them from our diet and introducing foods that are a rich source of estrogen (female hormones).

Milk – Dairy products are very rich in protein but very few of us actually know that milk is a rich source of reproductive hormones that boost increase in breast size.

Soy – Soy is a rich source of phytoestrogens that are responsible for the growth of breast. Along with enlarging breast size, it also helps in fighting cancer cells that could be developed in breast tissues.

Papaya – You might get surprised to know that papaya can help you in your breast enlargement job. Papaya along milk actually boosts the breast size naturally.

Herbs – Herbs like wild yam and fenugreek helps in stimulating the development of breast tissues. Saw palmetto and fennel are some other herbs that release good fat in your breast area making it bigger in size.


Naturally Increase Breast With Exercise

Increase Breast With Exercise


As well are aware that exercises are the best treatment option for various health conditions and also to keep our body fit and healthy. But very few of you might know that breast enlargement is also possible through exercises. Yoga and other exercises are known beneficial in increasing your cup size by numbers.


Yoga poses like Cobra pose, Double Angle Pose and Camel pose are found very prominent in enlarging your breast size. Whereas, exercises like Pushups, inverted wall pushups, free weights and bench press are known to boost metabolism and increase blood circulation to enhance the development of female hormones.


Naturally Increase Breast With Supplements

Increase Breast With Supplements


If you feel uncomfortable with diet and exercise then the best option for you is an herbal supplement. These natural breast enlargement supplements are burning the market because of their huge demand and success rate. Supplements are the easiest and effortless option to enlarge your breast size. They are formulated with 100% natural ingredients and therefore are safe to consume. They are safe, cheap and easy to use. Breast Actives is the most popular breast enlargement supplement as it is a pack of herbal pills and massage cream for best results. Check out my personal experience with Breast Actives.


Naturally Increase Breast With Massage

Increase Breast With Massage


Though massage is listed here as a natural remedy for breast enlargement, it is not effective unless you support it with other remedies. If you are planning to use the supplement for your breast enlargement, massage will be a great add-on to boost the results. Massaging your breast induces the breast tissues and increases the blood circulation. All you need is a massaging oil or cream. Oils like flaxseed oil, fennel oil, and olive oil are good to massage but if you want to use cream then it is wise to opt Breast Actives as it is a complete pack of supplement and massage cream.


The choice is to be made by you that which home remedy is going to be best for you and all of them are effective in their potential. But if talking about results, I will suggest you to go with herbal supplements as it will deliver you fast and prominent results whereas diet and exercises are a slow process.

7 Common mistakes you make while trying to Increase breast size fast

Most ladies with smaller breast size feel very uncomfortable while getting in public and therefore they get desperate to have bigger boobs. This is the situation when their desperation makes them create blunders that may cost them adversely. They wisely try all possible options to boost their breast size but fail at last mostly because of the mistakes carried by them. Here I have listed 7 common mistakes that are made while increasing breast size fast.


Often cleaning breast with soap

cleaning breast with soap


Almost all soaps include chemicals in their ingredients and these chemicals when coming in contact with your skin eliminates Keratinocytes through chemical reaction and also induces division of cells. Therefore when you often clean your breasts with soap, it will boost the chemical reaction in your breast cells making them dry resulting in loose breasts. Use of soap also eliminates the lubricant in your breast cells. It is better to wash the breasts with warm water without using the soap.


Squeezing breasts strongly

Squeezing breasts


Many women create a misconception that breast massaging means squeezing the breast strongly and this will make their breast bigger. But this is a pointless concept. Squeezing breast strongly will result abusively to your breast. This process will initially hurt your soft breast tissues causing an internal hyperplasia. Also, it will change your breast size resulting in bosom prolapsed. Breast engorgement is another breast squeezing like process that occurs in mammary gland due to breastfeeding.

Therefore the first thing to avoid is squeezing the breast strongly. Secondly, avoid sleeping is one posture for a long time as this will lead to uneven shape in your breasts. The third most important thing to avoid regarding breast squeezing is to while making love, ask your partner to avoid squeezing breasts strongly and madly.


Not wearing bras

Not wearing bras


Another misconception among females is to not wear a bra until they get into formed breast size. For your information, it is a wrong perception. Not wearing a bra for a long time will easily damage you externally and results in bosom prolapsed breasts. Therefore it is important to wear a correct bra to maintain the unaffected growth of breasts.


Cleaning breasts with hot or cold water

cleaning breast with hot water


It is an extension of my first topic, cleaning breast with soap. In that topic, I stated that avoid using soap and use only hot water for cleaning breasts. But it is important to brief you because most women misunderstood this and use too hot or too cold water for cleaning. It is wrong as it will irritate the capillaries around your breasts and it may also result in flubbing of breasts.


Exercise increases breast size

Exercise increases breast size


One more misconception about increasing breast size is that exercises help to increase in breast size. Actually exercising can never increase your cups rather exercise just stimulates the development of chest muscles and extruding breast. This makes your breast look bigger and fuller but actually, the size remains same.


Using hormone medicines

hormone medicines


When girls are going through puberty and enter the start of menstruation cycle, their ovary excretes all the waste particles from their body in the form of blood. But while performing this process, it also excretes estrogen that is important for females. Due to this the estrogen level in females decreases and they start planning to have pills that boost hormones. Although these hormone pills can boost the growth of breast but there are also many potential hazards. With excess estrogen level in females, there are huge chances of developing breast cancer.


Using breast enlargement creams for a long time

breast enlargement creams


Breast enlargement creams are one of the best products for enhancing breast size. It works because these creams contain a hormonal substance in their ingredients that when applied to the breast, get absorbed by tissues leading to increase in size. But continuous use of these creams for a longer period of time can lead to some hazardous conditions such as hyperpigmentation in breasts, irregular menstruation, dry and thin breast skin and liver disorder.

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